Big Announcement On Challengeeos Shortly After Launch Of Voice

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Best wishes this Valentine's Day to everyone who will be reading this article. I trust you all are having a Swell time. As for me, It's Valentine's Day already in my time zone. It's a season to show love, so Challenge App team are set to show Steemians love this season. Watch this YouTube Video below to listen to the founders of Challengeeos App @challengekent and @chaceeskam as they describe their plans towards sustaining a user-friendly App. You do not want to miss out on what's coming for Challenge dapp users.


A BIG Announcement is coming to users of the Challengeeos App. Challengers should be expectant of this announcement soon after the launch of Voice social media platform which will be launching on Valentine's Day, 14th February 2020. The Voice project belongs to which are all built on the EOS Blockchain.

The Aim of EOS is to be able to support content platforms, social media and dapps. Voice is a platform that will bring about a new phase of content platform and social media because it is coming with features like data tracking, shady algorithms and bot mobs. With these features, real people will now have real conversations. The domain was brought by with the sum of $25 million and $25 million worth of EOS Ram was also brought. They also stated they have a 100+ million budget which is generated from EOS ICO.

If you are yet to download the Challengeeos app. Do so today to be able to partake in the HUGE giveaways we organize and also get ready for the BIG Announcement coming soon.

Challengeeos is an EOS based geo-specific and time sensitive app which is used to send and receive challenge for Crypto rewards. A player sends a challenge to a receiver asking him to be at a given location within a particular time. The challenge receiver unlocks a real-time Crypto reward once he or she gets to complete the task. Tokens used on the Challenge app are SENSE, EETH, SAND And CHL. Very soon STEEEM Will be listed too. Challenge App has a local cryptocurrency called CHL which is listed on Newdex, Okex and CoinGecko exchanges. There is also a Steem pegged asset on @steem-engine called CHLP. Challengeeos has it's team based in San Diego, California.


Expect a BIG Announcement coming from Challengeeos very soon after the launch of Voice App. It is really going to benefit Steemians so if you do not have the app yet. Follow link below:)

Download @challengedac App today and start sending challenges to friends for Crypto rewards:)

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Happy Valentine's Day Challengers!! 💕💕💕



Thank you bro

Amazing idea of the Post

Thanks so much friend. Challengeeos App is a Global Blockchain Geo-specific and Time Sensitive Social Media App.

I am also download this app who can I use it on my Steemit account?

You can hold CHLP pegged CHL on your steem account and maybe soon we will have steem account functionality. But for now you sign in with phone number and get a free eosio wallet inside eos, which you can use and soon maybe ATTEST to your steem wallet but yeah , we will soon give more bonuses to Steem users

also anyone who MAKES challenges will have their CHL account airdropped CHl soon, from my own reserves. local airdrop to users, paid for by Ads for SAND, token

im excited or the announcement

we need to make some new artwork like @steemeos makes

Resteemed your posting