My chess game collection- Game No#10

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Date - 11/02/2019

I played with black. It was a 10 mins blitz game.

It was one of the best chess games I have ever played. Initially in the game, I was one piece down. Later also the white was in a dominated position. But my pawn structure was quite strong and towards the end, I also sacrificed my rook for the sake of pawn movement. That ultimately helped me and I won the with the help of pawns and one knight. It was really an awesome game.

Both sides made many blunders, but I have had a good number of best moves which helped me to come on top at the end and I checkmated the white.

board (8).gif


Here is the analysis of the moves & accuracy report.


I played at It shows how many mistakes/blunder you did. You can analyze the game and learn from the mistakes.

Thank you.

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That line of pawns looked invincible. Thanks for checking my games too!