My chess game collection- Game No#4

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Date - 10/24/2019

I played with black. It was a 10 mins blitz game.

I managed to win it despite making so many blunders. But the blunders were from both sides and I won this game on time out, otherwise, I would have lost this game. In a blitz game, managing the time is very very important and that becomes the deciding factor most of the time. So along with good skills, it is needed to manage the time in the course of the game.

It was really a very wild and chaotic game and both sides have many chances. The white had few good chances but because he ran out of time, he could not take on those chances and eventually lost. I am new and I am learning every day.

board (2).gif

Here is the analysis of the moves & accuracy report.


I played at It shows how many mistakes/blunder you did. You can analyze the game and learn from the mistakes.

Thank you.

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