My chess game collection- Game No#7

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Date - 10/26/2019

I played with white. It was a 10 mins blitz game.

Although initially, my pawn positions were not ideal, I managed to win this match. It was all offensive as always as I believe in an aggressive strategy. I think the knight and the rook of the black were not in great position and that helped me to push the opposition back and at last won with a checkmate.

board (5).gif


Here is the analysis of the moves & accuracy report.


I played at It shows how many mistakes/blunder you did. You can analyze the game and learn from the mistakes.

Thank you.

The images and GIF are obtained from


Whites were aggressive. Blacks ceded control of the center early in the game and that allowed Whites to control the game. Good game

Yes, that's what exactly happened in the game. Thank you.