Results of the Cine Tv tournament

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The #CineTv Splinterlands tournament was a resounding success. A total of 661 players had registered for the free to participate tournament which was conducted a day before.

and the winner is


@leizerstark - Congratulations

The second prize goes to @calebj and the third prize to @foxm

The winners were decided on the basis of Tiebreakers and 24 players got equal share.

A total of 69 people got prizes in CineTv tokens, which is really good because more people have now come to know about these tokens which they can stake and delegate to @brofi and earn daily dividends too. If they buy more tokens, they do benefit but it is up to them to decide. They are also welcome to the city to write about music, movies, and shows.

The winners are

  1. @leizerstark
  2. @calebj
  3. @foxm
  4. @vcdragon
  5. @sinistry
  6. @tj70903
  7. @nathanpieters
  8. @cryptoreaper
  9. @jacekw
  10. @stealthtrader
  11. @cluever
  12. @dani7773
  13. @nft-mik
  14. @smk2000
  15. @grimmazrael
  16. @docholliday
  17. @elclements
  18. @khazrakh
  19. @goliathus
  20. @jos3lider
  21. @fat-bee-one
  22. @jacuzzi
  23. @bktaylor
  24. @nguovietnam
  25. @warrentrx
  26. @rajkooooo
  27. @nrg
  28. @evomaster
  29. @akomoajong
  30. @nickelbunker
  31. @kittenz
  32. @zappyzap
  33. @awokado
  34. @mango-juice
  35. @mhossain
  36. @ajongcrypto
  38. @stiant
  39. @thekillingqueen
  40. @giaazz
  41. @masq
  42. @h-monsters
  43. @ts-yodin
  44. @golddeck
  45. @surya2adiga
  46. @saarlaender
  47. @jemmarti
  48. @raymond-holt
  49. @abica
  50. @zeeshannaqvi72
  51. @furiaa
  52. @eatmyshorts
  53. @carita-feliz
  54. @aqualad
  55. @splinterinmybutt
  56. @mercurial9
  57. @amayhem
  58. @bamrepa
  59. @fayadn88
  60. @arvid000
  61. @trudders
  62. @jrvacation
  63. @cornavirus
  64. @viniciotricolor
  65. @palikari123
  66. @ry4n
  67. @christopheles
  68. @vasitocoin
  69. @sheila13

Congratulations again to the winners. This was the very first time I set up a tournament and it could be possible only because of the trust @raymondspeaks had in me. I am very thankful to him and the @splinterlands team for being helpful especially to Matt who took the effort to edit and add the description.

I hope to do more tournaments like this in the near future.



Great initiative for those who play this game, @sayee.

Congrats winners!
and also @Sayee for managing the whole thing adeptly!

I'm looking forward to read more movie, tv related articles soon!

Thank you so much Amor.

Thanks a lot for hosting the tournament, really happy that I won my share of 38.75 CINE :-)
Can you iterate a bit on the @brofi delegation? What token are the dividends paid in? So far I've set up my own curation account for CINE but I'd consider delegating as well.

Thanks Sir and yes the tokens if we stake in our own name and then delegate to @brofi would give us daily payments as bro tokens. There has been a recent post from Bro about this. Please do look into it.

Excellent, thanks a lot :-)

welcome :)

Congrats winners! :)

I do not get why you post this to leofinance.

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nice I'll be in the next

That's great

Thanks a lot!

Was really fun!

welcome :)