CoinPot Microwallet Stole 83000 Satoshi From Me

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Moon Bitcoin Moved To CoinPot

It was a long time ago. I used to do some faucets like the very good Moon Bitcoin Faucet and withdraw the balance directly to a bitcoin address. One day, the site changed the withdrawal conditions and moved my BTC balance to CoinPot microwallet.

No More Automatic Withdrawal

The automatic withdrawal didn't happen like it should when the balance reach 25000 satoshi. So I claimed the property of the bitcoin address to Coinpot, signing a message with the corresponding private key.

But A Balance Reset

Imagine my anger when I saw that the address was listed in my account but my balance was reset to zero.

No Answer

I wrote to but I guess I will never receive an answer from these scammers.

Don't leave your coins on exchanges or online wallets

My bad. I should have reacted right away when the 25K satoshi withdrawal didn't happen.


I've been on Coinpot and his 7 faucets for about 3 years. So far, I've been lucky. I had no problem with them.
Being you, I would try to complain further. I take tokens there regularly. I don't think they're cheaters.

Thank you for the advice, I will try.

I tried to send a small amount in LTC to HIVE yesterday. No problem:

Withdrawal of 0.04 ltc to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

You can see in my wallet on Hive ...
Received from blocktrades 6.988 HIVE 11 hours ago

I would really like to see the outcome of your complaint to CoinPot. I used to claim from CoinPot faucets, until I found the reCAPTCHA too annoying.


I wrote to them recently. I will make a post about the outcome and I'll tag you.

Thanks. With CoinPot replying to you or not, I would like to see their response or lack thereof.

Noted, thx for info's
My spouse has also trouble with coinpot now.
Sad, but ok, let's move on and forget about that thing

Maybe not. Like adviced, I will try to complain further.

for you

I too use it for years, but one thing learned, they never reply any email.

I think any faucet would find replying to complaints a waste of time, unless the complaint is made on a public review website.

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I think it's good that you left CoinPot because it is a waste of time, although I would avoid any faucet from then on.

Faucets being wasteful depends on the future price of bitcoin.

I know a cryptocurrency faucet that is certainly not wasteful: I just hope they replace Google reCAPTCHA with another less annoying CAPTCHA.

Thank you for this good faucet address. Bookmarked!

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I had been using CoinPot faucets for... some time. What I could say is: the Google reCAPTCHA is so annoying that I was turned myself away from using the faucets at all. Also, withdrawing cryptocurrency (except BTC) to a wallet created by a centralized exchange is not supported. It was taking me several months just to be able to withdraw the minimum BTC withdrawal amount (0.0001 BTC or roughly equivalent to $1 that time).