Introducing HiveList Classifieds on the Blockchain

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Hello all! We are excited to introduce the Hive community to its newest community, Hivelist! The Hivelist community is a classifieds community that gives Hivers a place to post items for sale, post jobs and gigs, services available, even if you want to post personal ads, and more! Our goal is to be the Craigslist for the Hive blockchain and Web 3.0. 

Our front end site,, is currently under constant construction at the moment so things may occasionally change. The menus will link you to the @hivelist profile, the Hivelist Classifieds Community, and also a link to the Join Hive page in The site is built on Wordpress and will be the place that we create our featured posts and such and will be linking the posts to the Hive blockchain using the @steempress Wordpress plugin. 

We are excited to see the community grow and flourish in incredible ways since the fork and wanted to be apart of it in a different kind of way. Even on the old chain, we were looking to build a type of marketplace, and this seems to be the best starting avenue. 

Anyway, just a bit about the post tags we will be looking for and trying to build the community around:




Type of items for sale, in a one word tag of course...

services and type of service 
















You get the idea...

We would also like you to tag the location you are in as well! If you are in the US, you can tag your state. Outside the US, you can use your country and city, etc. 

Using these kinds of tags will help the community become stronger and give better search terms for posts and such. 

The @hivelist profile will be posting articles featuring different community posts as well as offering reposting services as well as front page and pinned post options down the road if you want your product, service, or ad on the front page of the website. These will be paid services to help offset some of the costs of running the site and community. The profile will also be building its HP stake to help build the community by upvotes and curation. 

Our plan to start is to get on the @dlease market and start leasing as much HP as we can afford right now to get started but will also be looking for helpful community members that might want to delegate some HP to help support. We are working out the details on that and how we can get up the curation trails and such to benefit delegators. 

In the future we plan on opening a full out multi vendor market place, think eBay or Etsy, on the website that everything will be priced and sold using Hive and HBD. Apart of this will be using the open source code from the WooCommerce Steem Wordpress plugin and changing it up to work with Hive. At least that is a plan, figuring it out with rusty code skills is another story, haha. That’s why we have a team! What better way to use a currency than in a market place right? Seems logical...

We are a work in progress so please be patient as we build. In the meantime, feel free to start using the Hivelist classifieds community! 

Visit the Hivelist Classifieds Community Here

Hope to see you on the list! 

This project is headed up and founded by @thelogicaldude

Posted from my blog with SteemPress :

So the off-chain site will use Hive #hashtag sorting to explore on the external site? It sounds like you'd need users to tag in a specific order so the website could filter and build the pages with like topics in like locations.

For example:

#hl #us #fl #miami #gigs for the first 5 tags. All additional tags after would assist with sorting in the #gigs page for Miami, FL, USA on #hl. #graphicdesign #illustrator #photoshop #logo.

Delegations go to @hivelist?

You really got the mind going early in the morning and really figuring out things on the backend that will allow users to be able to register to the front end, create a profile, and link their HIVE account directly in their profile using the @steempress plugin. Now just to see if I add the correct tags to a post that it will go directly to the community... work in progress!

Yeah, that's kind of like what I was thinking. If the front end had required slots for the first 5 # hashtags and were labeled what you wanted:

Default: #hl
Country: #us
State: #fl
City: #miami
Topic: #gigwanted

Then you are enforcing posts from the front end to have required specific tagging so that that sorting both on Hive and should be much easier to format.

I mean if formatted hashtagging is required, then the front end should be able to easily sort per location, kind of like CL did. CL was huge, and it didn't even list all cities. I remember traveling to areas where the towns and cities were too small, or they combined areas. I mean CL was huge. Your front end wouldn't necessarily be huge though.. Hive is carrying the load on chain and your site would just be a sorting and posting interface.

I guess that's a much larger project than just posting tips, instructions, and paid postings. But you could still do that.

Another good idea is reviewing buyers and sellers, and maybe even having some sort of recommended or verified users in a decentralized, privacy based way.

And I'm sure having the ability to do escrow for payments, disputes, and arbitration.

It's one of those things that Hive really needs if you ever want Hive to go mainstream. And you said it's a free market, so people can use whatever payment method they like, but, if you want to encourage the use of Hive/HBD, then the extra services fees could be available much cheaper rate would probably be a great incentive. I mean you obviously don' want to mess with extra services for cash or cc, but you could charge a higher % on fees for cryptos other than Hive/HBD.

Anyways, sounds like an interesting project. If you need any help, let me know.

You are giving me allot of great ideas. I have already thrown together a nice basic structure that is going to be built on. I am even integrating an off chain discussion forum that was integrated with the Buddypress system that I had to use to log in. I could see if there is some kind of ratings plugin.

I like the idea of the escrow, but I wouldn't even know where to begin with that. As far as moderators, I have an idea for that already. Kinda along the lines of the way Open Bazaar does it. Like if something goes wrong, you can pay a moderator to review the case and come up with a judgment based on evidence kind of thing. I could list moderators on the community and assign roles so that people know who to talk to about moderating a case or something.

Thanks for the ideas... And I completely agree on the tags. There are 4 tags that are suggested to add into the steempress profile as default. #steempress #hivelist #classifieds and hive-150840 which is the community tag. The steempress tag will get you an automatic upvote from the steempress team which is always nice, and then the hivelist tag will get an upvote from me, and I am wanting to just build the classifieds tag.

The post tags can be anything like that. Wordpress uses hashtags so the site will be able to search them too.

Right now the front end page will basically be just a featured list and pointers to the community. In the long run I want to turn it into an eBay style market place along side the classifieds function. The main goal of that site will be similar to what does and just be the source of direction to the community. I was just going to route the domain to the community itself, but decided a front end would give way to something in the future. The main focus is on building the community itself and using as the jumping off point and a place for featured posts and such.

Yes, delegation to the @hivelist account will be used to upvote and build a positive community.

It’s all a work in progress. I want to be able to expand the tags and such but that will come with more posts.

Thanks for the interest. For now it’s a place that people can post goods and services they are offering or in search of, etc.

Very interesting idea @hivelist. It is great to see something like this.

One of the easiest ways to make an impact is to duplicate a web 2.0 application and turn it into 3.0.

I hope this takes off.

One question: what currencies will be accepted as payment for the products and services listed?

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Thanks for the feedback. I was thinking the same way.

As far a currencies, there is nothing set. It is a classifieds board basically so whatever is accepted from the person selling. Although as stated, I would love to see HIVE and HBD used. But there is not a wordpress plugin for paying with HIVE... YET...So on some site that may post, they may not be able to accept it. It's a free market though, use what you wish!

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Interesting and a good idea. Let see how it looks like after... This is a big help for all. Transparency must be.

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Amazing. You just brought back CL with Hive!