Fight Back Like Nature Does ! .. Steem On !

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Hello lovely Steemians !


A lot is happening right now and the Blockchain is in danger. I was thinking about how I could help and decided to do it via a motivation-post. The Community here on the Blockchain is like the nature that is surrounding us everywhere and every single one of us is a part of it. Some are beautiful flowers, some are solid trees and some of us are rather inconspicuous stalks of grass or maybe leaves that are just hanging on onto the big trees. But still we are all one nature and connected to each other. There are some guys out there that would like to chop us down to build something new like that bench here. But remember that this bench is still made of what we were in former times and still belongs to all of us. Nature always has found a way to regain what is rightly hers and even if it takes ages or centuries, one day it will all get back to normal if we just all try hard enough and stay persistent and relentless together until the very very end.



Just look at this wall here. They were building it to separate all creatures of Mother Nature. A concrete wall may seem insurmountable and indestructible. What happens if they build this one? Nature still has a plan. Also it may seem impossible it just covers the whole think and starts to make it his playground, under his conditions. Nature never gives up and is highly adaptable.


It starts out with maybe just simple looking moss, but if you look closer you can see how beautifully it evolves and dense it becomes.




After a while those simple, first insuspicious, structures show what can evolve after some time.



And in the end it grows into something really beautiful, diverse and fruitful. An believe me or not, it may take centuries or even more, but one day in the future this wall will be crushed by something mighty enough that you can not imagine at this point.



So Dont Give Up, Steem On, And Fight Back. Regain What is Rightly Yours And Give A Shit On Any Wall They May Be Building. Lets Not Get Separated Or Demotivated. Just Tear It Down With Time. It As Simple As That !!!

All pictures were taken by myself, ©@adalger, with a Huawei P30 Mobile Phone.







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Well said, I like the comparison you made. Photos are beautiful too! :)

Thank you ^^ .. I was thinking quite a lot how to participate in a Steem On movement and I am glad that you like this approach with the comparison 😁

Thanks for sharing your creative and inspirational post!

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Thanks for the curation 😉 Its appreciated 🙏

Thanks for this great new look on all that happening !
And for a moss fan this is a great informative rally blog

So Dont Give Up, Steem On, And Fight Back. Regain What is Rightly Yours And Give A Shit On Any Wall They May Be Building. Lets Not Get Separated Or Demotivated. Just Tear It Down With Time. It As Simple As That !!!

New slogan!

Great thanks

Hehe, I am glad that you like it 😁 .. This nature approach is kind of my way of protesting and motivating 😉

Love your analogy and so shall Steem on!

Thank you ^^ .. We shall all steem on and not let us bully by this guy 😎


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Thank you for this delicious upvote again ^^

Beautiful and truly inspiring.
Thank You..😘 !

Thank you ^^ .. Thats my way to cheer you all up, nature related 😁


Very well said and really motivating.
The macro shots are amazing.

I am glad that you like it.. I thought I had do do something too to motivate everyone here. Fitting for the Amazing Nature Community I choose this nature analogy 🌿 .. I am glad that you all are still here steeming on 👍

I am here and I don't want to go. Lately I have less time to post but soon I will be back in track, I hope,
I am not sure what will happen next, but I believe in the community. My initial plan was long term anyways, so I am still here having fun, showing positive attitude. 😀

Hehe, take your time @nelinoeva 😉 you are doing great blogging here on steem and we are all waiting for you 😁

Hehe, I have just finished my post for the #amazingnature.😉