Thank you 'Steem Friends' and loyal Supporters and Readers!

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Networking and Engaging is the only way You'll Make It!

The more time put towards growing and knowing your audience, the more rewarding it will be

I've been active on STEEM since late May, early June of this year (2019). My account was created in January and I posted a few lame crappy posts I can't say I'm proud of. They aren't spam by any means but I was brand new to blogging for the public - not that I am anywhere near experienced now but I can at least say I've improved somewhat.

I wasn't happy with STEEM so took my new blogging hobby elsewhere. My goal has always been to create a habit of posting actively on some platform, but then the prospect of earning for my writing became more of a reality and so I focused on incentivized platforms -- yadda yadda - fast forward to June and I was blogging semi-regularly somewhere else and only dug out my STEEM account credentials for the purpose of playing the best Trading Card Game on any blockchain, SteemPlintMonsterlands!

I thought an easy way to show activity on my blog here would be to just post about my progress in Splinterlands, take some screenshots of rewards and post about once a week - so that's what I started to do. Something was different the second time around though, I found a welcoming community within Splinterlands and by reading some of my new found followers blogs, I discovered contests I wanted to participate in, comments I wanted to make, and inspiration for posts I wanted to write.

More important though was I found a welcoming atmosphere I hadn't found the first time around, which led me to networking within other communities - and people reached out to show me that they genuinely wanted to support me and help me grow! How could I say no?

~ ~ •°• »« •°• ~ ~

I don't think I'll ever be one of the 'popular' authors here. I'm way too opinionated, dumb and boring for that. I am an 'acquired taste' so to speak, but I'm fine with that - a few like-minded people who genuinely care and are interested in what I have to say is better than pretending to be someone I'm not just to gather numbers.

So this is what this post is about, me reaching out to say "Thank You!" to those of you who click on my posts when you see them on your feed, those of you who comment on every post I make, and those of you who care enough to take the time to reply back to me when I comment to you.

Some of you have even set me up in your auto-vote rules, a few of you have even resteemed my posts - something I've realised is almost more complimenting than an upvote - a post worthy enough for someone bigger than me to manually resteem for their followers to see says a lot if you think about it.

Most of my posts earn at least a dollar, which frankly is pretty satisfying at this point being so new to the scene and having posted less than 50 posts. If I'm making $1 a post now and grow more and more each day, imagine what I could make in a year if I keep at it?

One or two of my posts have even broken the 'curve' threshold, and it's all thanks to networking and the support of you, my audience! Joining up with the Engagement League I think helped a whole lot - it motivates me to be active with engaging because without that none of us would grow.

My Top Followers

Using SteemFriends I am going to shoutout to a few of you who have been my biggest supporters.
I've filtered out the usernames that don't have any posting or which I suspect may just be alternate accounts of someone else - I probably missed a few alts so some names on this list might reflect the same person, but hey I guess it's great that someone wants to support me with double the power 😏

Thank you

You guys are some of my top contributors according to and if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have tried so hard to succeed here on STEEM.

@helpie and @c-squared curation communities for allowing me to curate for you and for supporting me by curating me!

Always an orange in the basket of Apples

I want to congratulate @mondoshawan for being the first person to ever mute me here on STEEM! Out of the blue, for reasons unknown to me, I have not even engaged with him or seen any of his posts, so I feel like I won a secret prize!

That's always the best kind of muting, arbitrary!

For being the silent muter, you win an SBI share from me, just because it's always better to love your enemies, right? wOOt!

Screenshot 20190918 at 06.00.58.png

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

Well, my goals right now are to continue networking, make new followers and follow some more awesome people! I hope to reach natural 100 SP by the end of October, and I think I can do it!

See you all then! Thanks for reading me!

Here's to many more posts, many more upvotes, and many more memories!

Good luck in whatever you do! Steem On!

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Good to note these outlines of your set goals and how you desire to attain them.

May you please permite to join your train as I desire to follow and Upvote??

You can set me on auto-vote using steemrewarding which allows you to set daily/weekly limits for how many of my votes you'll follow or how many posts you'll upvote. You can set min VP, scale VP and also scale Vote Weight depending on your current VP level!

Tip: If you want to avoid self-voting, make sure to put your username in the 'exclude authors' list when setting up a trail vote rule following me.

Or you can just set the basics, adding a new "Vote Rule" if you want to automatically upvote my new posts, or you can set a "Trail Vote Rule" for following and voting my curation trail!

If you need help figuring steemrewarding out, let me know, it's not the most user friendly interface but it's the best auto-voter by far :)

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@steemitboard is that payout in STEEM/SP? or STU/USD?

you are welcome bro.
Hope gorgeous moment wait for you...

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Glad to read you are finding your way around okay @kharma.scribbles and mention the weekly CEL post as a great resource for networking. Completely agree! 👍

Thanks for the mention. In the interest of honesty, transparency and openness, my support of your account is via following the curation trail of @tenkminnows. I want to do my small part to help others succeed in their "journey" here on our Steem blockchain.

All the best to you, for a better tommorow!

I know many have me on a curation following, believe me I screened out many accounts from my 'Top Contributors" list because I knew they were just a 'vote'.

I thought I mentioned in this post, thanking you guys for setting me on Auto..

However the accounts mentioned here have engaged with my posts via commenting, or have replied to me.. I can tell they have read my posts more often than not when they come up in your feed..

Support isn't just about voting ;)

Yes @kharma.scribbles ...

"Support isn't just about voting ;)"

... agreed! 😉

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Well done on sticking with it. I know some people think it's not worth their time, but it can be fun. Have you bought any Steem? It's pretty cheap to get to minnow right now. Good luck and enjoy it.

I've not used fiat for any of my crypto collection yet. I use faucets and other free methods of earning. Doing faucets for months accumulates after time.
Best thing about that though is I'm never concerned with the market prices since every satoshi is a profit when you use faucets :D

I have used @blocktrades to exchange my faucet earnings of BCH and DOGE into STEEM. One of my BCH exchanges gave me over 10 STEEM in one shot, that was a lot to me LOL

I suggest you power up all you have anyway. May as well maximise your vote. I actually started with a few small amounts from faucets, but those are not really worth my time now.

nice going lady... keep up the good work

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