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RE: Deadpost Curation #3 (30+ HIVE pool for undervalued old posts)

in #contest11 months ago

Thanks very much for the kind words my friend. Me and shook (also me) are going to keep pushing our creative envelope.

Also I’m really trying to get my buddy to start posting on here. I made him an account under the pretext of getting him setup to play exode when it starts, but he’s a killin musician. Any advice on how to get him to start? He... lacks motivation.


So many reasons to start out here...

A sense of freedom, another chance and place to share your creativity with the world ( and to be motivated to create more ), getting feedback and growing, meeting and connecting with like minded people all over the world, making money outside the 'system' and so on and so forth.

I hope you get your friend on board.

Yeah, it would be really good for him right now too. I’m gonna push him a bit.

Cool! It's also a great opportunity to invest not just time but also some money in Hive, I believe. The early days.

Yeah, i agree. Unfortunately i also thought that when steem was at 3 dollars. Every time i think ive made back my investment the price seems to drop lower 💩

The current major rise of the Hive price might help to convince him. Although he probably wished he arrived a little earlier ;<)

What a trip huh?

It's a true roller coaster ride.