Steem Basic Income Giveaway: Favourite Childhood Toy

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Thanks to everyone who entered the last SBI Giveaway (Your Job), it was really interesting to read about the different things that people do! Some of them were really quite interesting as they were so far from my own experience of what work was like!

This week, I'm doing some heavy reminiscing... about my childhood favourite toys! Most of us had one... but where are they now?

My Question

  1. Did you have a favourite childhood toy? Where is it now?

My sample answer


I did have an all time favourite soft toy dog... from when I was a baby, who was called "Poggie".... I guess it was a similar name to Doggie?

Anyway, he followed me to the other side of Australia when I left home to go to university in Canberra... and after that, he stayed in a box which I left with my girlfriend's parents (now my wife's parents...) after I left Canberra... as far as I know, he has been there for the last couple of decades... but as soon as I find myself back in Canberra, I really want to see if I can find him! Probably going to be really disgusting and rotter or something like that.. but it would be nice to see him again!


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My favourite toy was the Dinky version of Thunderbird 2, complete with a small Thunderbird 4. I got it when I was 6 and my Dad introduced me to the show and we'd count down the intro.

Thunderbirds! That's a blast from the past! I never really watched much of it... but it was huge! I had no idea that there were more than one!

There were 5 main vehicles and one was a car owned by Lady Penelope. There is an animated kids show that continues the story that is still being produced.

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Hi john Offcourse I had a favorite toy, I had a monchichi apedoll! A she! I slept with her. And I lost her when I was 7 ! You know where? In diergaarde Blijdorp in Rotterdam


That is a cute toy dear friend. Someday I will go to Netherlands. The grandpa and grandma kinesiologist is the daughter of a medic who born in netherlands and she told me about some places good for know there. Here we appreciate a lot your culture of work and the respect of enviroment. That things that some latins countries must learn soon. Have a nice day curating. Greetings from Argentina.

Cute Monkey! Did you lose him with the other monkeys?... at least it is in a fitting home... unless it was with the lions...

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My favourite toy was the Lego bricks. Normally I didn´t effort too much at creating interesting structures of combining the colors to obtain a beatiful block. However, the time I enjoyed the most with this toy was when my father and I built together something, and then let it for several days before destroying it and aving the bricks.

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Until recently, toys werent much of a thing for the average Ghanaian. Growing up, my parents didnt buy toys. Anything thats available and you can play with becomes your toy. Could be a bottle or cup. Once a while, your parents will chance upon a toy and might bring it to you, but my parents didnt go out looking for toys to buy for me

Ah, kids will find anything to make interesting! My girls still pick up sticks and stones and will take them home for their collection...

Thats what we normally do. Create our own happiness

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I would love to have some of the old toys I had as a kid, things are worth a pretty penny these days. Course, I didn't treat them the greatest. I was pretty rough on most everything, mainly because I wanted to see how it worked so I was often taking them apart. My favorite things to 'dissect' were the electronic cars that raced on the tracks with the little handheld plunger bits that plugged in to the track and remote controlled vehicles. I also had a hay day swapping around He-Man doll parts and trying to reassemble transformers and G.I. Joes in my own fashion. The G.I. Joes didn't work as well because there was this little cord that held their legs to the body and if you snapped that? It was paralyzed for life.

I never got in to He man and GI Joes... I had transformers that I really liked... and LEGO... I never really did get the Action Figure sort of thing!

... but those racing cars! I remember them now! They were awesome!

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It's great this contest. I'm sure it will be very entertaining. My favorite toy was collecting and playing with paper dolls. Where are they? They don't exist anymore. (laughs).


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This puts me in a dilemma, because actually as much as I have a favorite toy, I don't remember. My sister and I used to play a lot with paper dolls that were cut out and you could put little clothes on them that were also made out of paper.

Of the rest, we preferred to make shelters with the cushions and sheets, for us the cardboard boxes could be war zones, a castle, a hospital, in short, everything that our imagination allowed us to create.

Interesting this proposal, @bengy.

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My favorite were small toy cars (size of hotwheels) having spring action, you push them back then they move forward with speed. I play with them and broke them. So they were always disposed in couple of months from the day I own them.

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Never played with dolls, had cars to play in the sand with my brothers, still have some I may trade one day. Had loads of fun making dirt roads all over the garden. Some Dinky, Corgi and Matchbox all solid little cars, the truck was robust so here it is.

Now we share !BEER


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Thanks @bengy have an awesome day.

My favorite toy was a stuffed black sheep called, of course, Lambs. She is in a tunk in the living room that holds other memorabilia but has not been opened in a while because my TV sits on top of the trunk. !Tip

Heh... kids come up with such funny names for their toys! At least you do know where she is!

One of these days when I'm feeling
Nostalgic I'll have the kids help me move the TV set and go through some of the stuff that has been in the trunk for many years!

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Thanks! That will be a good one!

Hmm.. Thinking about your question, I actually have one favourite teddy bear. It's not as soft as the current teddy bears in market but it had been with me quite for sometimes.

The last time I saw it was on the rooftop of our old house. I don't know who pit it there but they did it so I won't be attached to the bear.

I was sad at first and then my late grandmother sew me a patch blanket and that became my new favourite thing but then when I went to college I'm not able to bring it together so my father start using it while I'm gone.

I was mad at first then I started to let it go. Now, I don't know where it is until you ask 😅.

Actually, I forgot about it already.

Are you kidding?!?? They put it on the roof of the house!?!?!?! That is cruel! Well, I guess it worked... but still...

🤣🤣 No kidding. They know I can't reach it there but it did work out.

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Thank you.

When you have a younger brother it seems everything I had got wrecked while I was at school for the day.

I remember getting a little store set with weigh scales and tiny cash register. I don’t know how he managed but it was broken one day.

Of course I loved dolls and one Christmas got a lovely bride doll. Mysteriously the head got tore off of it. Bro denied it and we got into squabble but were stopped by my Mother. Being five years older I had to suck it up.

Needless to say, I have no toys left from childhood. 😂

Yeah.... our oldest is also 5 years older than her sibling... luckily, we've managed to keep any disasters from happening... but there are times when the younger one starts to lay claim to things that really aren't hers!... thankfully, nothing broken... yet... actually, now that I'm thinking... yes there were broken things... just nothing too important! .... Yet...

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My favourite toys were the characters from Masters of the universe.
I sold them at a profit a few years ago

Nice! I never was into action figures though...

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I had a wooden sword when I was little. I loved him very much. Even when I was sleeping, I wouldn't take it away. He is now in a rotten warehouse in the village house. I really miss her.

Oh, that's a pity! That could have been a nice thing to hang up in the house somewhere!

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@bengy, Unfortunately I've never kept them as a Collection but i had some awesome collection of Steel Cars but while moving from place to place those were left behind in time. Stay blessed.

Woah... those things would be worth quite a bit now!

Sounds true.

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Image Source Unsplash by Ryan Quintal

My favorite childhood toy was the wonderful Legos!! Not sure where there are now... probably thrown away from becoming shrapnel at night when my Mom would come to tuck me in.

Great contest! Thank you!


Thanks for the support! It was a bit of a downer seeing the downvotes from our friend...


You are most welcome! And yes... I know... all we can do is continue to work together as a community. Positive energy breeds positivity energy!

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Ha... LEGOs! I had heaps of the castle stuff... not much of anything else, but I really loved that series!

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My favorite toy of my childhood was a Rambo Force of Freedom edition that my mother gave me for my 4th birthday in 1991 along with a Rambo knife with light and sound. These toys are in a small room in my house where I keep toys, books and records and cds that I open and listen to from time to time. As a child I had a few toys but this is the one I appreciate the most. It was not easy at that time in my country to access such quality and imported toys. Some may think it is wrong to give a child warlike toys, but it was the late 80s to early 90s and that was not frowned upon, every era must be judged by the common thinking within it. I remember it as a happy time in my life, which I shared a lot with my grandparents and cousins. We would play with our action figures in muddy mountains and run around the neighborhood with bait guns and scare the old ladies with them. It was a childhood of many pranks and games, I think it must have been. Have a nice day my friend. Greetings from Argentina.

LOL, the knife had light and sound?!??... Don't tell me that the sounds were of the knife going into someone's body!?

Yes, the knife had light and sound.The blade of the knife was red and lit and glowed in the dark. The sounds were explosions of combat. Rambo's action figure was camouflaged as if he were fighting in the desert. Thank you for asking. Have a nice day. Greetings from Argentina.

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Me gusta mucho este me acuerdo dónde está mi juguete preferido...creo que lo vi un día en casa de mi mamá...voy a participar...

Good luck finding it!

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This is my Puff. He was a gift from Santa when I was maybe 6 or 7, and one of the oldest objects I own. When I dug him out of my childhood closet at my parent’s house a few years ago, I was thrilled to discover that he was still relatively intact. He has been loved to pieces, and is missing an ear and a leg to show for it. My seedlings are interested in sewing, and so last year we endeavored to repair Puff. But the sateen fabric is so thin that those seams have again ripped. But that does not stop any of us from loving him. He lives on my oldest’s bed part time, and on my own bed for the rest. We take turns “filling Puff with love,” then trading that love back and forth for each other to sleep with. I adore him, even now. When I hug him, I am filled with the comforting feeling that only nostalgia and innocence can create. It is lovely to think about all that he has been through with me, and it is truly a gift to share something so special and important to me with my sons.

Oh cute little guy! It's great that you can now share him with your own kids! My wife has a wombat that the kids now play with... sometimes a bit roughly... he's a big one (probably about the same size as your Puff...) and so they ride on him!

A wombat - fun! I love that young kiddos are so interested in what their parents were like as young kiddos. It is great that your wife also has something tangible for them to feel a little bit of what her childhood was like 🌱

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Congrats! on your upvotes from the IBT Community

Thank you so much <3

...very interesting people and jobs. ALL THE BEST EVERYONE!


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Oh my goodness I LOVE this question! I am excited to create a post. Thank you for the inspiration 🌱 And, thank you for the Steem!

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