Photophile Photography Contest: Sunset Saturday IV and Winner Announcement

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Welcome to PHOTOPHILE PHOTO CONTEST series! The recently concluded contest is TRAVEL THURSDAY. We are pleased to announce the winner below.

Our winner is @paulajogalix who shared

This shot was taken by me, way back in 2013 when I first visited KL where you need to risk your life to get a decent shot 😝 I'll forever be stunned by this structure - it's majestic by day, dazzling by night ✨

A big congratulations to @paulajogalix who will be a beneficiary of the rewards of this post for winning the TRAVEL THURSDAY contest.


Now, for today's contest, the theme is SUNSET. We are looking for photos of stunning sun shots, setting as the night sky looms.

For details about the contest, you can visit this link

The winners will be announced on Monday, when we publish the first contest post for MACRO MONDAY.

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My entry:


In my 2 months vacation in Singapore, my daughter's day off was spent tour guiding me all over Singapore. On this day, together with my two granddaughters who were studying there, we visited Fuller Hotel and the vicinity.

May you like my Sunset Memoir. Thankful I found it saved in one of my fb album in only me can view.

Snapped by my Samsung Tab

My entry
This was taken last january at Heritage Park taguig visiting my fathers grave...I always wait for the the sun to set because it reminds me of him. His love, hes care and the beautiful memorirs with him.
Thnx and more power.

Congrats Winner! @paulajogalix

Thank you, Mommy Ju!

My 1st Entry:


A few days ago, I captured this very stunning Sunset Photograph when I was walking in the street. It was not the usual sunset because it was already 6 PM and still It looked like 4 or 5 in the afternoon. Maybe because this is what I heard about the news that Day time will be longer than the Night time. So far, for me it was really nice and stunning sunset event.


Link Here:

God Bless!!!