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There is something exciting about curating content that makes me feel good about showcasing the work of others, not to mention it seems a lot easier to convince people to have a look at something your selflessly promoting as opposed to when you promote yourself.

Contests are a great way to earn some STEEM and sometimes other goodies; networking and discovering awesome content is another bonus of curation contests. Curation will have huge potential after the hardfork so I hope to see a lot of master curators making contest competition fierce!

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So here I am entering another curation contest, I've done well on past ones which were done in comments instead of needing their own entry post, but I have no problem with an entry post submission as it gives me an excuse to write about something specific xD

This week's contest is by @pifc and it's the Week 73 - Pay It Forward Curation Contest so grab a drink and come sit down while I introduce you to some undervalued artists that would love some engagement and curating!

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Image courtesy of original poster @pifc

This contest is very simple:
we need to find 2 different authors under rep 65 who write quality posts but are still fairly unnoticed then we need to showcase here a post from each of them that is under valued and needs a little boost with some friendly engagement.

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Pay-It-Forward Curation Contest Week 73

Come Curate @afoolzluck

What is Love is written by a talented guy who is not shy to let us into this world he creates with this poetic story using an excellent choice of words to describe his feelings at a most vulnerable time.

If you check out the rest of his feed you will find some interesting videos where he can play tricks with his voice that you won't know it's him most of the time!

~ ~ •°• »« •°• ~ ~

Come Curate @cosimo

We join Fast Fiction: Flight to Antonica at part 7 this week and already some very interesting plots are advancing! This story unleashes the fantasy in all of us, with dragons, elves, dwarves and more inhabitants of a world where anything goes as long as it can be imagined.

It made me curious to go back and find the start, reading back at part 1. Being that each part takes only about 5 minutes to read, you will catch up in no time and each part will make you anticipate the next!

------ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ------

Let's show our support to these authors and let them know we want them to keep writing! Your words could make someone's day, and both of these posts won't keep you reading for too long - leaving plenty of time for some engagement and votes!


If you want to find more posts like this, stop by the official contest post and look through the comments - it's also where you will find the official rules so you can make an entry of your own!

Thanks so much for reading and I'd especially like to thank you for having a visit to the 2 posts I featured while spreading some encouragement!,

Both posts featured have been published recently and were below 1.00 STU payout at the time.

© ~Kharma♪Scribbles~ °2019

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The link for your second blogger is wrong. You repeated the link for the first blogger.

This is the post I upvoted. Pretty sure that it's correct, let me know if it wasn't:


Thank you for your entry. Both of your bloggers have been upvoted and your entry for Curation Contest:Week 73 is confirmed.


Oh my gosh! How embarrasing! The links were there but since I use reference style, I made an error and made refrence to link 2 for both posts!

When I got to the second blog, I was thinking it was 2 for number 2.. I knew I should have made the contest's link #3 and I was going to too!! Argg.. I missed it because I only made sure my links were correct where I reference them all at the end.

To illustrate this for those who don't know what a reference link is or who might be new to formatting, I'll try to explain below.

There are two versions actually , I use both but this version I'm demonstrating is more precise, faster and allows for reusing the same URL somewhere else in the post. -- also a downfall!

However, it's just as important to cross-check your reference as it is to make sure you have the right links!

Example of proper use:
[Blog title text to link][1] text text text random
[Blog title text to another link][2] text text text some more

At the end of the post I compile all my necessary links and reference them at the bottom of the post:
[1]: 1st blog link url here
[2]: 2nd blog link url here

My mistake here:

[Blog title text to link][2] text text text random
[Blog title text to another link][2] text text text some more

^ In this example, both those links will point to whatever I reference as link 2 at the bottom, but since I have both links properly formatted at the bottom, I did not realise this issue until now!!

Correct by the way, I've also corrected the post.

Thanks for sharing how you do it. Always useful to give tips like this.

Oh and don't feel embarrassed about the error...it happens to all of us sooner or later.

Thank you for your entry. I've supported both of your bloggers.

Thank you so very much <3

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