The Corona Diaries - how the Coronavirus is affecting the lives of Steemians around the world

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Coronavirus, or COVID-19, is now just about everywhere.

No countries will go untouched, no communities will be left unscathed.

The next few months are going to be very difficult for many, many people around the world - be it health wise or money wise.

The Steem community will not be unaffected. In fact many Steemians are already been impacted.

Many on Steem will get ill, some will get very ill...

We are a unique community. We all have unique stories to tell.

The Corona Diaries is an attempt to bring those stories together for all to share.

Hopefully we can show compassion for those who will be worst affected, and maybe offer support and help in any ways we can.

Please let me know if you are writing posts about how the Coronavirus is affecting you and your family. Post a comment below or message me on Discord (Pennsif#9921).

I am looking for posts about your life and how it is being affected rather than scientific commentary, or theories of where the virus came from. They are important, but not for these posts.

If you are writing Corona impact posts you might also be interested in this contest on TravelFeed...
















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thanks for including my post in your post. I just hope that this corona will end before it gets worst.

Check out @cryptopie

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Thanks for the mention!


Thanks for the mention, I will post more of my personal experience here in South Africa as things develop.

It's just the beginning and I think, its going to get worse in next 2 weeks. Today's update is that the Govt is enforcing 144, which means not more than 4 people can join together. And I think, its a good move, prevention is always better than cure.

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Thank you a lot for including my post.

You are probably looking for something more elaborating but it gives a general vibe :)

Thank you for the mention and interesting initiative @pennsif :>)

You are welcome.

Thanks for the mention. When this is all done, it would be an interesting project for the community to compile different narratives from across the world in sequential oral like an "oral history of the COVID-19" virus" to reflect the personal stories of ordinary people

That is a very good idea. I hope people will keep posting these sorts of stories.

Got your next one in too...

I briefly talked about the situation in Rwanda earlier today. Sadly, I also believe it's just getting started as Saturday we got our first case and today we're already at 7 cases.

I truly am so worried because I feel its going to get worse.
Not just the health, but very much on the business perspective too.
And surely, when people don't have money, many don't think clearly. It affects there mental health. Arguements will rise and many complaints and fights will start. I'm so worried.

I recently put up my own post

I've started thinking of our relatives back home. Especially my future father-in-law.

Because of this covid-19 we aren't able to go home because of the lock down.
I mean, we are allowed to go, however, the coming back to UAE part is the hard one.

I cried in my prayers because of the covid-19 has affected our wedding plans. Not just mine, but also for others whom I know. We've even confirmed our attendance at their wedding and then vice versa, and now, we're all shattered.

What about staying here in the UAE it's not my country. So I'm just renting out space and paying for everything I use here. Although it has been good to me and my mom for 30 years, still we work to get what we need. If they stop business establishments, we won't get salaries, then how will we buy our food. What about the monthly rent? What about our medicine?

The list of worries go on and on and on.

And I forgot this is the comments section. Hahahhaha!!!

See you around @pennsif

Keep safe. Stay healthy.

Thank you for your link, it is in the second edition...

And sorry to hear you have had to change your wedding plans. I hope that can go ahead soon.

Thanks. Yes we have rescheduled and waiting for April 16 as they said here things will go back to normal by then. Business and Education operations mostly.
Thanks for your posts.