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Mirrorvision, that is what you see. This is a image I made for this contest
And you should enter just for fun. Its about the filters effect and we all have some programs or apps to work with.

Here is a list you can use:

I call this one MIRRORVISION , its a golf app to see how you are doing on your swing but i think of it in a different manner.
I think when we look in the mirror we see something different than other people see when they look at us.

You all know that moment when you look in the mirror and think “ Oh well there have been better days” , or , “ well goodlooking lets start the day” But the person that is looking at you can see other things than you think. Mirrors can give a new perspective on an old image, or an old perspective on a new face. Thoughts will never be the same, go for the image you like to see or the image you already see. You can’t please them all. Its a free world, be you ! And that mirror will be there tomorrow for a new view.

I love new views, today iOS the start of the REDFISHRALLY in theterminal and we all as staff hope it will be a great month with new views and mirrors that open up the view on this wonderful platform.

Have a great day and enter this wonderful contest by @bliss11 and my fellow staff member at the terminal @drakernoise.

Thanks for stopping by, its appreciated and remember focus on being creative instead of being bee-zy.
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I would like to thank you for reading my blog, feel free to leave me any feedback, if not, read you next time.


Your personal Discord terminal invite :


Are you under 500 HP or SP , want to win prizes or delegations? Than you can enter the REDFISHRALLY, go to @theterminal blog and see what its all about.

Date : 1st JUNE 2020

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It's often said that the mirror never líes... well I'm not so sure. It happens to me I usually see a different view than expected, It should be this:

Instead of this


@drakernoise. Stick the mug above. The other one...not all it's cracked up to be I've read, lol.

@drakernoise i feel we all have our own MirrorImage and i think i am Heidi klum aswell makes life lovely right and the picture with the Ace from the A-team T-shirt is great

Is that included in the category of Gif ...? What's impressive is when we look at the mirror, what appears is our true character and who we are ...

So tru, but sometimes all thoughts blur the one image and give a mixed impression, we are all mofre entities. I love it i am mum, wife, worker, steemer, hiver and woman of the world.
Thanks for the lovely comment

You are absolutely right..."we can't please them all". Thank you for your support. 🤗😘

Nop when you are in life to please them all you will have an extra job

Mirror, morror on the wall. Who's the fairest of them all? That's a great imagery for the mirrors. Which face to believe Mirror #1?

Thanks for sharing.

I have many faces hahahahhah mum, wife, worker, steemer, hiver and woman of the world and rally friend😃

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Thank you kiwi