Photo Filters And Effects Contest Week 8

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Okee Dokee, for the fun of it and the pleasure of the two awesome steemians @bliss11 and @drakernoise, here my filtered photo for the Photo Filters And Effects Contest.

The How-To of this contest

1. Take a photo (Photo must be your original work) 
   and use any filter or effects of your choice.  

2. Write a short post with your artwork plus the original photo 
   to see the before/after and write on what inspired the effects 
   you used and how it turned out. 

3. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun...

4. Please put your post link in the comment section.

5. Upvote and rehive are appreciated.

6. Deadline ~ post payout day


Sunset Of Love





Still, the choice of this picture was made especially to challenge me in the discovery of the filter section on GIMP... To the picture itself:

Since you know that i'm often outside, walking, fishing, "working" or whatever... I just love it outside. And sometimes it happens that i can take some exceptional pictures of the beauty all around us. So here is one of the many sunsets i have taken a picture off, like "everybody" does i guess. 😎

Anyway, sane and sound days to you all. Good luck in this funny contest.

Peace Love and Grooviness

Dan "The Dude" Mondoshawan

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😍😍 This is such a beautiful sight, sunset at the beach...what can be as calming and beautiful as watching the sunset. Oh and I like the filters too, it makes the filtered photo look like an art work or some sort of a portrait hanging on the wall. A wonderful entry @mondoshawan. 🤗

Ha, thanks a lot for your beautiful comment. This is much appreciated! BTW it doesn't look like, it is art work... 😁

The golden hour is always very special at the sea side and in my opinion rather nostalgic as if we were about to loose something... however I overcome that feeling the same way every time, thinking on the coming new day that will for sure arise in time...
Your edited picture could perfectly be a touristic postcard for lovers, isn’t it? Lovely lovely hearty sunset @mondoshawan with a message as well. Adore those images that tell about stories no matter if they are real or invented 😁
I’m very thankful for your shared time with us, best of luck for the contest! 🤗🤗🤗

Thanks my brother, your positive words are much appreciated! It was with great pleasure i shared this!