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Okee Dokee, for the fun of it and the pleasure of the two awesome steemians @bliss11 and @drakernoise, here my filtered photo for the Photo Filters And Effects Contest.

Now for the contest itself....all you need do is...

Take a photo and use any filter or effects of your choice. Be creative with the use of the effects or filter of your choosing. It could be a selfie, photo of your pet...anything at all, as long as you use a filter or effect on the photo you are good. 

Write a short post on what inspired the effects you used and how it turned out. You need to put up the "original" (without effects, filters, editing) photo so we know how it looked like.

Everyone is welcome to join in the fun...try as many effects or filters as you want. Prizes: since it's our first time with this contest, we are looking to start humbly but hopefully with time and depending on the entries the prizes would increase. So for now...

- First prize: 3 steem
- Second prize: 1.5 steem
- Third prize: 0.75 steem

Please put your post link in the comment session for us to find it easily. Upvote and resteem aren’t mandatory but appreciated.
Note~ Photo must be your original work. Deadline ~ After post payout day


So Here We Go:


Peace Love and Grooviness

Dan "The Dude" Mondoshawan

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And Life Will Always Improve!






All content is my own intellectual "property". Most pictures are taken with an old Fuji Camera, some pictures and most videos with an "essential b" and then worked on Gimp, MovieMaker or KdenLive. Otherwise you'll see a source indicated...

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They (@drakernoise and @bliss11) pulled me into this as well, but it is past my bedtime so I'll try to read up on the rules etc and do something for you all tomorrow.
Cool stuff @mondoshawan



Hehe, and? Contest entry ready? 😏

he he.. no dingbat 🤪,
I just got out of bed (well, at 6 am) I've only had one cup of coffee, answered several emails,
responded to many comments (like this one)

I've got to investigate the rules, the app that I was referred to, learn how to use it etc etc etc...
It may be next week before I'm ready, but I'll see as soon as I'm caught up.
Thanks Dude @mondoshawan

Wow so cool that you took the time to build up this cute post! It’s funny, doesn’t it? No better moment but these hard times to smile and make others feel good...
Thanks so much @mondoshawan 🤗
Sending you my best vibes and hugs.... and why not? Here a gift!


With pleasure my Brother... Thanks for being awesome!

Like i said before, this is cool lol and i thought i was the only one with the eyes 🤣. Am glad you came through with the entry....thank you for joining in the fun. 🤗

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With big pleasure... thanks for a cool contest! 😉

Glad to see another contest. Thanks for arranging such a great contest. Can't wait to submit my entry.

Waiting anxiously! @insense 😁

Good, just the contest is by @bliss11 and @drakernoise, if ever... 😁

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