Ackee Fruit Digital Illustration - Original Artwork

in #creativecoin14 days ago

I created this cartoon style digital drawing of Ackee fruit.

This is artwork I will be using in an educational coloring book for kids and it will be all about fruits. So I will be doing lots of fruit illustrations :)

The Ackee fruit comes from an African tree of the soapberry family grown in the Caribbean area, Hawaii, and Florida for its white or yellowish fleshy aril that is edible when ripe but is poisonous when immature or overripe and it has a toxic pink raphe attaching the aril to the black seeds. It is the national fruit of Jamaica, and is featured prominently in Jamaican cuisine where it is an ingredient in the the national dish called ‘Ackee and Saltfish’.

Thanks for checking out my artwork!

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I've never tried digital work before, so as a novice, I will say this looks good.
I have taken this fruit before. They rarely show up in the market.