Christmas Special

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Since Christmas is my favorite time of year, I took the opportunity to recreate a picture of my little sister for a Christmas special at her school a few years ago, as one of my favorite pictures of her. As always I use colored pencils and some markers. I hope you like it!

Here I leave you the final result of my work:

Step by step

Hoping that you liked my work, any comment or suggestion I do not hesitate to do so, grateful for the support received, I say goodbye until next time.


Beautiful work, I feel like I can touch the bear so fluffy. I love the bottom, congratulations keep it up.

Thank you so much! @vida-blanca ;)

That is lovely drawing and so perfectly reflected the spirit of a child in Christmas mood. Really good work!

Thank you very much @stef1 :) I really appreciate your words.

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thank you!