Splinterlands Art Contest - Week 66 - Medusa

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To start the year with new challenges I decided to participate for the first time in the Splinterlands Art Contest - Week 66. For my first participation I chose a card of the element water, specifically of the character -Medusa- that as soon as I saw it I liked very much the combination of colors that it presents.

I decided to take a little risk by recreating the character on my card and make some changes in the appearance by making a more adult version of Medusa. I also added some effects and textures to make it look a little more real. As always, I use colored pencils and some markers to create my illustrations.

I really hope you like the version of the card I chose. Thanks to @splinterlands for leading this contest and giving us the opportunity.

Here I leave you the final result and part of the making process:

Step by step

Hoping that you liked my work, any comment or suggestion I do not hesitate to do so, grateful for the support received, I say goodbye until next time.


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