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Water must travel a fair distance in it's cycles..

Camera ~ LensNikon D3400 DSLR ~ 18-55 mm

Prompt / Theme: Do you, or have, suffered from back pain?

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Prize B: 400 DEC

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Thanks for having a look 👍

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Very nice shot!

Yes, I have but it only lasted for a few days. Thankfully, everything went back to normal without doctors, hospitals or medicines. 😊


Congrats on winning. Been a busy couple weeks, so forgot to send out the prizes. Enjoy 👍


Thank you very much, sir! 😊

Nice waterfall!

I've had back pain. It can come from a worn mattress or uncomfortable chair. Putting a flat pillow under your mattress and/or adding small pillows on the seat of your chair or in the lower back area could help.

Do you have a chin up bar or something similar you can hang from? That stretches out the back. Yoga can also help.

Good luck with your back pain! And good luck to all on the giveaway. I'll have DEC please, should I win a prize. Might try to get up to the 850K needed for 100 Land plots. :)

Shoulder rubs seem the solution 👍. How far into the DEC savings target are you?

Glad you found a solution!

I have somewhere over 150K DEC among my accounts, so still a Long Way to the 850K! With 1K Dec selling for around 50 cents, 700K will cost me $350 and I don't think I'll make that purchase,

We'll have to see if there's any group buys to get those discounts 🤔

Congrats on winning. Been a busy couple weeks, so forgot to send out the prizes. Enjoy 👍


Thank you!!! :)