Blush Tortoiseshell Seamless Pattern Design

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BlushTortArtboard 1.jpg

BlushTortArtboard 2.jpg

BlushTortArtboard 3.jpg

BlushTortArtboard 4.jpg

BlushTortArtboard 5.jpg

BlushTortArtboard 6.jpg

New! BLUSH version! I loved creating this and you can purchase it over on Creative Market!

Here's the description:

Tortoiseshell: The Enduring Trend A fresh take on the original popular pattern with its distinct, mottled appearance. (Check out the original version here:

This is a repeating, seamless tileable pattern swatch suitable for all types of products—fabric, products and digital use.


OMG 😍. Wow, I love this pattern and design as well. It looks like a patches of Cheetah ( animals skins ) thanks for sharing

Thanks so much!