BlockFi Had An Hack Event

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BlockFi is an amazing platform where you can passively make money from loaning BTC, LTC, ETH and others and also take loans.


They have Gemini backups and other big people so i feel my money secure there.

Sadly they had little data breach (at least they say).

On May 14th, there was a data incident at BlockFi that exposed certain client account information for a brief period of time. While no information was accessed that would enable the intruder to access your account or your funds, we believe it is in the interest of transparency to share the following details with you, and all of our other clients who were potentially affected.

They claim all passwords and stuff is safe the "only" things accessed were Name, Email Address, Date of Birth, Postal Address, Activity History.

I love that platform and its one of top ones i use (check more here - or in but this has made me a little bit upset. Data breach even so small is not a good thing at all.


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Activity history plus physical address = better have a defense against the $5 hammer attack. Not cool.

yeah i am upset :/

@kingscrown the hackers always step up their games and target stealing peoples personal details and selling for a token.

true that