Interview with Dick Lucas

I was contacted by Dick Lucas on YouTube to interview about the current situation. We spent about 30 minutes on Zoom talking about the timeline of the Steem Hostile Takeover and the creation of Hive.

After the show, I spent some time talking to Dick about Hive bringing his show to Hive. We talked about focus and how he covers many different topics and wants to settle on one topic for his podcasts going forward.


Good, make HIVE mewn!

Two purposes served: get the facts out there in a nice timeline and promote Hive to him in an effort to bring him over here.

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The facts are important. I agree.

The truth comes out!!!

Hold the faith!

Thanks for spreading the word of what is going on. Very important the truth tellers keep telling the truth! :)

Good interview

It's great to be getting the word out in this this manner, I sincerely feel Lucas himself was suprise as to the things that happened with steem and the whole thievery by Justin Sun. Hopefully he can get his show to hive it'll be great. Awesome steps Mark

Just made my account 😉

Wow sweet, I'll follow you now and vote your contents

Nice! Welcome!

Welcome bro! Thank you for inviting @themarkymark and doing this interview.

You just made your account. Maybe, you can begin with an 'Introduce Yourself' post.

A small request. Please keep your mic just a little bit away when you speak.

All Awesome. I wish a show like yours exists on Hive/threespeak and I would love to see it becoming popular.

Thanks :)

Yup, agreed on the mic. Had the gain turned up way too high. Thanks for the welcome! Looking forward to dip my toes in the community here. Then start exploring other things like threespeak. I'll be posting about my live show which streams every Saturday at noon US eastern time.


Wow, thats great. The message is loud and clear, that the truth is with us.

Nice👍👍 for talking to him about the Hive community.

@markymark. Great having the interview. Things are quite clear now for many people who don't know what has been happening.

If I was Bittrex I would also send it back as it should not be (made) my problem. Fingers crossed Robin Hood can act once more.

It's amazing getting the truth out there. The story is very interesting and many people don't know about it. Well-done Marky.

I look forward to your Wednesday shows on hive to start. 💪

Hostel take over.

Always kind of kept an eye on Steem over the last few years. Between it and Minds I wasn't really sold on either. What's unfolded since the acquisition by Tron and Justin finally pushed me to make the move and get on Hive.

If you do start up your show again I'll be listening!

Probably it would have been a good idea to give a quick explanation of how DPOS works. I can bet you that outsiders have no clue of what you are talking about when you say witnesses or why people need to vote for them.

Agree. The plan was only a 20 min interview to cover the timeline. Would likely take that much time to just explain what dpos is.

Good interview

I really enjoyed listening to you. You made it absolutely clear what exactly happened. Thanks.

Help me get my HIVE back and i'll split it with you! lol Come on I was always on your guys side, the vote was just cause of our personal feud! Oh well!! P.S> also wen is HIVE hf? I am waiting for my mom's HIVE in @kdtkaren! We voted correctly and HIVE glitched and stole them!! Come on @blocktrades!! Both sides steal, all this is just karma!! Get me my stuff and u will be surprised how good things start to work out for u!!

There is no way to steal a token that didn't exist and was given out for free.

It would make no sense to give free tokens to people who facilitated the hostile take over of Steem and ultimately lead to rogue witnesses stealing tokens right out of users wallets.

I'm just a user, ok whatever.

Me too

Now u can see why I had to vote the way I did, I didn't want to loose my STEEM, and risk loosing my HIVE! I imagine if I got "glitched" out of all the HIVE, and then got all my steem taxed too? OMG that was a close call. It feels horrible getting something blocked doesn't it? Maybe we can just give everybody their coins and start over...

U know before those coins went to bittrex they were supposed to get split up between me, the koreans, and justin sun, everybody from the hive exclusion list! lol I will still get them!! HAHA!!!! TTFN!!

It wasn't blocked, it was stolen.

Hmm.. it's almost like NED owes you some of that cash back?? Maybe NED at fault?:?

@themarkymark, is it possible to chat with you in discord short ? thanks