My First Video Ever

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Today I shot the first video with the phone and it was very scary.

It is an obstacle that I would never have dreamed of.

I really like videos because I have learned a lot from them over the years and I admire people who do it every day, but I told Eliana and Jon that I will record it today and usually do what I say.

My language is not English so it may be a little less understandable , so I apologize.

But now I'm glad I recorded it and most thanks to Eliana, and you judge if I succeeded for the first time.


Thanks for a great video @elizabetamt, and a big congratulations to making your first one, keep on practicing, that is how you keep on growing, it's awesome.

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Ty so much

It is so good to see you pushing yourself to something beyond your thoughts! You are now in the 1% of those who do something to improve themselves! I am very proud! Now don't stop there, keep going!!!

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TY Very much for all support you give me.

Hey, I'm glad you passed that obstacle. I never recorded a video or streamed in my life before I joined our community so I know how you feel.

Don't worry, you will feel relaxed with every new video.

Pozdrav iz Hrvatske :)

Pozdrav iz Slovenije😀

Very brave @elizabertamt. congratulations and great job on your first video :)


Great job on your first video, the first one is the hardest they get easier and you get better as you go. Keep up the great work.

Ty for support

Great job!!! This is a great job! Honestly. It's a HUGE start, you're right. Like Jon said, most people won't do this and you did. Just keep at it and you never know where you can go from here. :) Very proud of you what a great way to start a work week!

Thanks I really appricieted every comment and support

So awesome!

I can't explain to you how much of a win this is!

Thanks I realy love support you given to all

Awesome you did great, so glad to see you. Love your traffic exchange also. Keep it up.

Thanks very much

Wow really great to see you on video Elizabeta, and big congratulations for taking the step, I never even dreamed of making videos myself either until I got on the blockchain, keep up your good work.

TY Eric for support


Congrats on your first video.
You did very well, the video was good.
Keep up and don't be shy.
You should consider joining #IAmAliveChallenge.

Thanks-I am shy
Yeah i am thinking to join it soon #IAmAliveChallenge

Great to see you on Video @elizabetamt , thanks for being a part of the community and being a contributor

TY Rusell for support

Congratulations on recording your first video! It gets easier and I understood you just fine! Huge Milestone!

TY Lisa so much

Good Morning Elizabeta and You're welcome! Have a great day! 😀

Made in Canva


This made me smile to see you SUCCEED & make this video! You did an awesome job. It's always scariest before you take that first step.

And you DID it!! I am proud of you! Looking forward to more videos from you.

Many blessings! 💛

Thank you for all support and comments

Congratulations to have taken this step and to have done your first video. It's a great one and I hope there will be more to come. It would be interesting to learn more about the bad decisions that you were speaking about ;-). I always like to hear about the experiences that others had in online business.

Thanks mean so much from you and actualy is good theme to talk about about mistakes. 😀TY for idea.

That would be a great subject for a next video indeed :-)

Well done for putting out your first video. It's a big step and lots of people never have the courage to take it.

Thanks was a big big step

You have done great for the first video... It gets easier every next time! As David said, a lot of people don't have courage to do it at all!


Thank you very much it was hard one....

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