Why #MyHiveGoals Is So Important!

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Story time....!!

I joined this blockchain on December 7th 2017...And it didn't take long for me to get hooked!

I was fascinated with everything it was and going to be so I decided to dedicate my life to it and learn everything I could. I learned from a very very early stage, that Hive Power was very important. The more I had, the more my account would grow and I could help more people with my upvotes and delegation.

Thus began my first ' #MyHiveGoals ' challenge that I put out in to the universe...I wanted to hold myself accountable and grow my account steadily, and that came in the form of...


The 5-500-5000 Formula!

Crazy simple...I wanted to hit 5000 Hive Power by the end of 2018. But buying my way there was going to be impossible. Remember, the price of the token was roughly 3 bucks each (or more) and I didn't have 15k laying around that I could dump into a crypto project...

I had to earn this stuff!

So off I went...Posting every day, engaging everyday and working hard to deliver value to my growing follower list. And yes, putting skin in the game!

It paid off!

I hit 5000 Hive Power around the beginning of autumn of that year...Light years ahead of where I thought I would be...

All because...Of #MyHiveGoals

You see, writing things down, especially goals you want to achieve is so important. Especially here where you can see your progress...

Case in point - @hivebuzz

I have lived by HiveBuzz and the stats it provides to fuel my account growth and monitor it every step fo the way...Here's some jam packed numbers that helps you see how your goals are progressing:


How cool is this....

From here, I can judge how my engagements (comments) are progressing.

I see that in the 908 days that I've been on the blockchain, I've created 887 posts. Pretty much, one post a day since day one...

I also see my average upvotes per post, average author rewards per post and curation rewards as well.

And that top number is just awesome....16,969 Hive Power rewarded to my account...By showing up every day and creating content!

And this is what I do to 'track' my goals using Hive Buzz....


I write EVERYTHING down...

Starting on January 30th of this year, I wrote down the following stats to help track my account growth. My account started with;

113 upvotes per post

18.296 rewards per post

1664 in curation rewards

And yesterday they read:

119 upvotes per post (+6)

19.126 rewards per post (+0.83)

2519 curation rewards (+855)

Slow and steady growth....Just the way I like it!

This entire journey on HIVE has been so successful to me for a few reasons. I think it truly does pay to show up every day and create content. The 5 engagements a day should be the minimum we do. But also, writing things down...Putting them on paper to make it real.

Here's a fun example of what I did on January 1st of this year (name of blockchain changed obviously lol) but this is what I suggest you do as well:


(Yes it's laminated!)

I wrote #MyHiveGoals down...

  1. I wanted to reach 50,000 Hive Power by December 31st 2020.
  2. I wanted to hit 25 rewards per post that I made by the end of the year
  3. Work hard to onboard my community into Hive by ways of @clicktrackprofit

Welp, we're here at June 2nd and I crushed one of those goals last week...And on pace to reach the remaining 2 with some luck as well :)

Write down your goals that you want to achieve!
Show up & put in the work!

I'm a big believer in this new challenge that @robwillmann started because I know without a shadow of a doubt, this stuff works!

I encourage you to jump on board and start your #MyHiveGoals today...And you will be blown away at what you can achieve when you put in the work and show up every day!

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Thanks Jon for the mention. I am working on just showing up and doing the small needful tasks each and every day. It works. Consistency wins.

You're a big influence and example to those of us just starting to accrue and grow our hive empire.

Thanks for putting this out here!

This is a very important challenge for Hive community members to get into. Once they write it down, it becomes real and gives them something to work towards :)

I wish you more success here @jongolson but I guess that you are in the path already for your desired goals :D
Keep up the good work now.

Thanks man....Yeah working hard on them for sure. Still a long ways to go before 500k Hive Power lol

Actually glad to see that someone still sticking to pen and paper. Maybe I should also use pen,paper and noticeboard to motivate myself.
I am also making habit now showing up everyday and commenting. I think that still make my presence noticed to few people even I am not writing a full post.

One thing I noticed, reblog/rehive is one of the hardest thing (comparing they require less effort than comment and do not cost anything) to get in Hive chain.

With this comment , I realized , I should rehive and upvote you.

:) Thank you very much!

Yeah, I don't do it enough either....But then again, I don't really re-tweet much things on say Twitter either. But when I do, I'm a huge fan of the post or content lol

So, what are your new goals? :) I don't see a new HP number instead of that 50K?

Give us a hint :)

Coming later this week ;) This was the set up post LOL

I do it with my daily walks, and even with other projects, in the world of video games it's very common to set those goals, in fact now most games and consoles include a tracking of objectives and achievements.

I hadn't realized that you can do that at Hive, and that the results can be great. Although as a project I decided to get a laptop with Hive this year without doing PowerDown... Maybe I should consider how to achieve this goal.

That's a great point....Gamification can be found in so much, we put it into our online businesses over the past 10 years and it most definitely got people working hard to 'complete' training and unlocks.

The Main cheat to success is to have a plan and follow it


So true! Without that plan, you won't be able to reach those goals.

I'm more a fan of short term goals: set one, get to it. Set the next one etc. - that way you don't have to watch that big mountain seemingly not getting closer. Instead, you have your eyes on something you can achieve quite soon. My next goal is 150 HP curation rewards - should take five weeks.

No idea what's next, with the change to Hive I got a bit lost. But I'm sure I will find something to work for.

That's awesome...And so true...I have taught my customers for years, instead of trying to make 100k a year, start with $2.74 a day...Learn that, master it, that's 1k a year...Then move to $27.40 a day, which is 10k a year and so on....Small achievable goals start adding up big time!

Your are the living embodiment of the daily consistency and step by step progression


:) thanks man. I’m not the smartest or most talented. But pretty sure I’m a poster boy for stubbornness lol

Hey @jongolson, this is really inspiring!

I must admit that I get bummed out sometimes when I've put effort into my posts and get nothing but tumbleweeds. I would really like more back and forth discussion/conversation; yes, more than the payout.
I've also noticed that my Vote Value keeps going down https://hive.nuthman.com/ and I think I've figured out that it's because other accounts are growing way faster than mine; I'm not entirely sure about this though.
So these two things have kept me from making (and keeping) a #MyHiveGoals

Posts like this make me want to reconsider.

Yeah I think that's the double edged sword of HIVE.

On one hand, we want engagement and comments...But on the other hand we wanna see the upvotes. It's almost like, we need miracles to get both.

For me, I look at engagement as the currency which I shoot for. I can build the account up, and work hard to deliver value...But the engagement is up to the community.

Not sure I have the formula to guarantee comments, but my plan is to keep showing up and do my best to give value to the blockchain.

I think I've figured out that it's because other accounts are growing way faster than mine;

No, Your vote value is dependent on Hive market price, since Hive market price is going down so it is your vote value.
I wish they just put vote value plainly in terms of hive power (so nobody get confused by oscillating vote value in their post and value of vote that one can cast.)

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Legit! Thanks for sharing the formula. I’ve been on the struggle bus as far as engagement goes but this helps simplify things quite a bit