How to Earn free STEEM/SBD and other Crypto, with easy withdraws!! - I'll show you how! 🤑

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Want to supplement your STEEM rewards by earning more for free??

I've used a few different rewards sites in the past, those that pay out FIAT and those that pay in Crypto, and I'd have to say my favorite is of course the ones that reward you in crypto.

Now, I've been doing these for years but only recently did I find one that I think trumps all the others. This one has no minimum withdraw! You read that right, and I should clarify that your withdraw needs to be larger than the withdraw fee, but in this case with earning STEEM/SBD, 1 point earned on the site is already higher than the withdraw fee, so there you go. The withdraw fee is 0.010 STEEM/SBD, and 1 point earns you 0.011 SBD or if you're earning STEEM 1 point will give you 0.050 STEEM. supports a multitude of cryptocurrencies! More currencies than I have seen anywhere else! There are even some coins that I have never even heard of that are being earned every day by their user base.

I've made a few withdraws so far of both STEEM and SBD, and I've had no problems (However: there is a bug with usernames/wallet addresses which have a period in them, scroll to end for warning & workaround)

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There are a few disclaimers I need you to read before you dive in to earn:
  • Your very first withdraw on the site takes a little more work than the rest.
    • Before you make your first withdraw you need to earn 100 points towards any currency. This is not the case for any subsequent withdraws.
      - If you want to make your first withdraw quicker, you will need to verify yourself first. This will change the 100 point threshold to only needing 40 points for your first withdraw.
      • This does not mean KYC - no ID documents are involved in this process.
    • Once you've dunked through these small hoops and your first withdraw goes through, the rest of your withdraws for any currency just need to be higher than the low withdraw fee.
  • If your STEEM username has a period in it, you'll need an alternate account to send to (read warning warn at end for more)

My advice is to start the 'verification' steps before you start earning your points.

If you want to start earning right away and know your way around reward sites, then jump right ahead and give EarnCrypto a go and I promise it will soon become your most favourite too! Consider all you read so far as the 'TL;DR' of this post!

If you'd like a walk-through on how to get started on the site with ease - and some tips on where to find the best earnings, then please continue reading my guide below.

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Verification is straight forward. You will find the settings by hovering over your username in the top right corner, select settings, and then the middle tab titled "Trust - Verification Methods".

The first two are the easiest anyone will be able to complete.

Verify Phone Number

All you need to do is get enter the code which will be sent via SMS. Unlike many other phone verification systems, this one WILL work with services such as "TextNow" as that is the only mobile number I have and it is the one I used for verification on this site.
Generally I find services that will work with TextNow will also work with various other 'Free SMS verification' numbers.

Tip: If you use a password manager (which you should, start today if you aren't) I would advise you to put in the website notes which phone number and service you used for verification. We should get in the habit of doing this for all sites, just add the info to the notes of the password entry for the site.
LastPass is a great password manager that gives you features absolutely free that you usually have to pay for with others.

Confirm User Info

This is like a mini-survey asking for your personal demographic information. This will help them to find surveys and tasks that are more likely to match your information, such as location and age group.

One thing to keep in mind is if you are planning to be anonymous, the only thing I would suggest you not use a pseudonym for is your full name. Your username on the site can be anything and that is the only name that will be public. The reason I suggest to use your real first name out of all the personal information is because without using your real name there will be no way to prove you own the account if anything happens where you lose access or get hacked.

Now, one may argue that proving ownership of a rewards account such as this is not worth it BUT I've learned this lesson the hard way, and when it comes to ANYTHING financial, even if my earnings are free, I've learned giving my real name is a small price to pay for piece of mind if ever I need to contact support and prove I am the account owner.

I lost my original CoinBase account, which was only full of faucet earnings, because I gave my pen name and hadn't done KYC on the account yet.. When I lost access to my 2FA code for the account and contacted support - I went through the long verification process only to be rejected in the end because the name on my ID did not match the name on the account. Sometimes it's better just to get into a good habit, no matter what the online account is.
(Generally the full name information is never public, but always double check to make sure that there is a username for public use before submitting your real names to websites.)

Optional (But I recommend)

There are two accounts you can link up for further verification, these provide faster withdraw times especially for your first withdraw. The method I used was PayPal, but there is also Xapo which I don't have.

For PayPal you will need to use a verified PayPal account. It was a long time ago when I had my PayPal account first verified but I think all it entails is having a credit card or bank card linked to your PayPal which you verified with PayPal by entering the amounts that they deposited onto your cards when you first linked them.

Linking your PayPal is a safe and quick process, you are not giving your PayPal credentials to the site you are just authorising them to get account data, similar to using Google login to login to sites with your Google account.

How can you earn?

My Tips and Recommendations:

Data Entry

One of the easiest ways to earn on this site is through 'Data Entry'. It's as simple as typing what you are asked for from the provided information.

I can't show you a 'real' entry question due to confidentiality agreement I agree to when access their service (If the client read this I would get in trouble) but I can show you what a 'test question' looks like!
Here is is asking me for the Company name, which is "Typee Advertising Agency" - the great thing about these test questions is they are the same for me all the time and are saved in my auto-fill after doing them once. There are 3 test questions you must complete before starting the real work, but you can skip the test questions if you've done a batch within the past 24 hours.

Basically you want to type what is shown to you, unless something else like a phone number is shown with the company name on the left - if the right side is asking only for Company, you only want to enter the company name and ignore the phone number if it is shown.


Surveys are easy and there are plenty to do! A top tip I have for you is that on this site, you will want to stick to specific offer providers.

At the top you'll want to tap on "Earn STEEM" and then select "Complete Surveys". You will be shown an offer wall like this:
You will want to do 'TapResearch' or 'Pollfish' surveys as these ones are quick and Tap Research pays you usually at least 1 point even when you disqualify.

Another offer wall which pays you for your time when you disqualify a survey is 'Theoremreach Surveys' and they are located on the 'Wannads' wall, scroll down quite a way until you see the purple wizard logo! Theoremreach always have a wide selection of surveys and earn points dependant on the length of time you spend in the survey, up to the max. For example, if a survey is listed as taking 10 minutes paying 10 points, you will get 1-10 points depending on where you finish off in the survey. If you enter the survey but disqualify at the first question, you will earn 1 point. If you disqualify a few questions in, maybe 2 minutes into the survey, you might earn 2 or 3 points. If you complete the survey, that is when you would earn the full 10 points.


This is important to keep in mind and realise it's normal. I see people get discouraged with surveys all the time because they feel like they are getting scammed for their info without getting paid when the survey DQs them. This is why Theoremreach is so great because they at least give you a point, and everything adds up.

However it's important to realise that the survey companies are NOT using your data when you DQ. I can say this confidently because I used to be the person who operated and collected the data for clients who ran surveys through my Market Research company. I know the ins and outs of legitimate surveys and know when to spot a shady research company.

One situation that people don't understand is when they spend a lot of time in a longer survey but end up getting DQ'd at the end although they qualified during the preliminary questions in the beginning.
Keep in mind a few things: these surveys are on many different offerwall websites, and thousands if not millions of users are filling them out at the same time as you across the different sites.

Surveys have quotas for different demographics, sometimes they are simple like an age group or can be very specific like looking or people who used Facebook yesterday.

You might qualify for a survey at the beginning when quotas are open, but as you go through the survey, hundreds of others could be doing the exact same survey as you - a few of them might complete their survey before you and end up closing one of the quotas that was originally open. What will happen then is you will get to a demographic question at the end but your answer will fall under a now-closed quota causing you to get a DQ!

This isn't so much an issue with Theromreach paying for your time inside the survey but with other survey offers that only pay for a completed survey - this can be frustrating!
Just know it is completely normal and doesn't happen very often, and is more likely to happen in longer surveys 30 mins or more.

How to Withdraw

Withdrawing is simple. After you've passed the steps I mentioned for your first withdraw, all you need for your 2nd withdraw and beyond is to earn more than 0.010 STEEM/SBD.

Top Menu you will see "Redeem [crypto]" click on it and it will take you to the withdraw request form where you enter your withdraw address (STEEM name) and the amount you'd like to Withdraw.

For every withdraw request they will send you a link in an email you'll have to click before your Withdraw begins to process - You should then receive your funds within 24 hours -- my withdraws have all been much quicker than that, an hour or two at times, but your mileage may very.


WARNING: If your STEEM name has a dot {.} in it!

You will need to create an alt or send to a user who does not have a period in their username. There is a bug in the withdraw form that will change a name like kharma.scribbles into kharmascribbles and in my case it doesn't matter since I own both those accounts, but this might be a problem for some of you.
It doesn't inform you of this change until you confirm the withdraw and notice it yourself, but at that point it's too late to make changes.
Please keep this in mind. If you need an account to use and trust me - feel free to send to my alt but put your username in the memo section provided.

I did report the bug to them so I hope they do end up fixing it but for now it's easy enough to get around if you know ahead of time.

Well I hope you add to your daily regime to help supplement some reward money! Doing some data entry every day and withdrawing once a week might be a simple enough tactic that will keep you away from the frustration that surveys can sometimes bring.

Let me know in the comments if you have any trouble or have any questions, I will be happy to help guide you along!

Until next time!

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