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Just some random shoutouts to some interesting/wacky scribblings that I came across on my feed this week. Some might not be A++ material, some might make you wonder why they are so special - but that is my point. Trying to broaden horizons and underscore that we are all different and unique.

This doesn't mean that if you are on here that you are not A++, to me all of you are A++ - but beauty is in the 👁 of the beholder; or in this case, the readers.

📍 This posts featured community curator is the one and only @qurator!! I feel they are an important part of the the community and an important factor in why I am writing this spotlight today. They are the first curating account that inspired me to start curating and I considered it to be a major achievement of mine when I appeared in a @qurator featured article for the very first (and only) time. *Sidenote, I do not consider myself to be a 'curation account' but I am a curator for a few communities and every once in awhile do my own personal spotlights similar to the one you are reading now ;) 📍

💋 💋 💋 💋 💋 💋 💋 💋


Don't be shy to stop by each of these great bloggers and show them some love. If you are extra adventurous feel free to let them know you found them here
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🎆 Spotlight's on You! 🎆

@kaerpediem - Now A Young Woman || A FreeWrite
A heartfelt, personal #FreeWrite brought to life by contemplating over their ~young~ daughter flying the nest for University in the fall - living life on her own accord! I wish both of them good luck!

OH! There is also some #FoodPorn to wrap it all up, a fine dish for a fitting celebration of womanhood.

@minismallholding - ...and You Wonder Why People Aren't Nice Any More!
A great example of how the world has changed all thanks to #COVID. Everyone is afraid of each other and things as simple as recreation have LAWS to be considered as done 'properly'.

Oh! This also reminds me I need to get out and swim in some fresh water before the season is over!

And now some words found in #NeoxianCity, my favorite community!

@olaunlimited - MY VISIT TO THE RAM MARKET
An interesting look at the other side of the world (from me) where people celebrate and glorify Rams and there seems to be a substantial market around this animal. Never have I seen such a large number of these ~gentle?~ beasts in one area!

Word of caution to the sensitive types, "ram fighting" is a normal and acceptable practice over there.

@theb0red1 - Neoxian City Minetest: Built a Bank and a Bridge!
Who needs Minecraft these days when you can play #MineTest instead and get rewarded for it! As a ~addicted~ gamer myself this is something I need to try! @theb0red1 unleashes their creative side and has built some stunning works for us to oogle at. Great introduction for anyone new to MineTest or hasn't heard of it yet.

What games do you guys like to play?

@xawi - Man Just look at my delicious Fudgy chocolate Chip brownie cookies
A look at #NeoxianCity can't be complete without mentioning the wonderful @xawi! City veteran and community star, chef @xawi brings us her ~delicious~ fudgy chocolate chip cookie creation! Not bad for her first attempt. Cookies are hard to get perfect until you've trialed and error-ed them a few times. First time bakers can follow along with her as she was kind enough to write out the process she followed. Best part about the recipe might be that the ingredients should be easy enough to come across if you've ever baked anything before.

Cookies are my weak spot! Ohh how I wish she could have shared!

Here Ends the Community Spotlight portion..

@kristyglas - Cosmic Cthulhu- Art Process
I love PixelArt. I can't art but I appreciate how much attention to detail is needed and how generally the pallets used are very colourful. This piece is no exception! #Cthulhu fans rejoice for this stunning masterpiece, I love the process used as this all started as a sketch with old fashioned pencil on paper! Watch how the art changes at every step, and marvel at the final work of art! Stunning piece!

I can't draw to save my life but have always found myself lurking in art communities to envy the masters who find art as a second nature!

@sidwrites -Hive Newsletter #8
In the seventh and final spot on my list is the 8th installment of @sidwrites "Hive Newsletter" where they bring to our attention some short little tidbits about what has been happening in the world of HIVE. It's looking quite the buzz! Surely a worthy follow to help keep you up to date on the best creative blockchain around!

I don't normally enjoy reading about the news but I love the world of crypto and especially like to know what's been happening with HIVE, and it's very short and sweet - such a treat!!

🌟 ✨ 🌟 ✨ (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ 🌟 ✨ 🌟 ✨

Well guys, I hope you found some new and interesting people to follow and I want to thank all mentions here for contributing to HIVE and being a part of what makes this blockchain so great! I'm amazed every day about how swift the transition from STEEM to HIVE has been - everyone and everything I loved over there so quickly migrated here and I am grateful to have such a plethora of different things to see and read in my feeds everyday!

Thanks for reading and writing everyone! Be safe and HIVE on!


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