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Welcome to another installment of Look What I Found! where I like to share posts and steemians who I think are worth checking out. And as always, I like to use this curation-style post as my entry to @pifc's weekly Pay It Forward Contest, which is also all about sharing undervalued content. This week the tribe they are focusing on is SteemLeo.

All About Investments

Quite understandably, due to the nature of Steem, the blockchain it's built on, and the cryptocurrency it is, a good part of our bloggers come from the background of tech and finance. SteemLeo gives these experts and enthusiasts a place to bundle their passion. By its own definition, Leo is "the tribe for investors, discuss investing strategies, fundamentals, philosophies and more".

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Looking at their posts, it becomes obvious that "investment-related topics" is a pretty broad area. It includes lots of Splinterland posts (quite correctly, as monster cards are a lucrative investment, which even my own meager collection can attest to). Also, there are many non-english posts, which I particularly like. However, for my curation purposes I want to present some interesting looking posts about money and investments, in English.

One Stop Cryptocurrency NewsCast For Today ? by @freakerz

As the title says, @freakerz presents the latest crypto news in this very well condensed article. Each item is presented in a five-line paragraph, making this post a great starting place for the latest updates from the crypto world.


IBM launches patent with Blockchain by @deflacion

Instead of providing a general overview, @deflaction offers a bit more details on how IBM is using blockchain technology in its newest patent, which was made to protect packages from being stolen by drones, that were supposed to deliver them. I have never heard of any thieving drones myself, though it is certainly something easily conceivable in our high-tech world.


Not any more! Thanks to IBM's new sensor, a notification would be sent to the blockchain one the package reached its proper destination. Of course, it was clearly just a matter of time before this obvious solution would be implemented. As a result, it strengthens the entire blockchain technology, automated deliveries, and of course IBM itself.

Bitcoin Cost 'Bigger Picture' 2020: from $5,000 to $16,000 via BTC Liquid Index by @pemac

What is going to happen to the price of Bitcoin when it gets halved in May next year? No one knows for certain, but many smart people have been using the price history of the coin to make some exciting predictions. This is what @pemac is tackling in this post.


Instead of urging the clueless investor to buy now, promising moon-shots and the like, the author takes a sober and level-headed approach to making his estimates of what might happen to the price. Also, he likes to refer to what other steemians assume might happen, and why.

This much for now, I hope you enjoyed my selections! Please check in again next week for my following curation of Look What I Found!

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