Some Cat Moments

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cat 1.jpg

trying to spend my quiet afternoon by myself

cat 2.jpg

wait, is that a camera you holding?

cat 3.jpg

gotcha a hooman taking my photos

Hi Steemians, Here are some quick snaps I took of our pet cat the other day as he lay flat on his side on the ground. This is a narrow walk way leading to our back yard. I was looking for some gardening tools and saw our pet cat looking lazy and peaceful as he spends his later afternoon. I thought he looked so cute and grabbed my camera phone real quick and took these three photos of him. I was being very careful not to be noticed and I must take these photos badly. On my
previous cat post I already featured our cat and his activity. He is so curious of the things around him as he is agile and still relatively young.

The captions I put on the photos say a lot about how he looks like doesn't it? Hope these put a smile on your face. Until next time.



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