The first distribution of the value generated on

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On the last day of Jan, @dblogger distributed the value which had been generated on The total value was 100 USD, which was generated by Google Ads on, plus some bonuses. The value was distributed in the form of STEEM to the DBLOG token holders who stake at least 0.5% of all the staked DBLOG tokens.

You can check the result of the value distribution with the link above. The DBLOG token holders get their share according to the percentage of their held DBLOG tokens.

We will continue to give back the value to the bloggers.

The main idea behind the steem-engine token DBLOG is to give back the value generated on the platform to the bloggers. The first distribution of the value on Jan 31 is the example of how DBLOG tokens will be used to give back the value to the bloggers. will continue to generate value with Google Ads and all the generated value will be back to the bloggers according to their staked DBLOG tokens. We do not know when the second distribution might be possible. But it is certain that this will not be stopped in the future.

Holding 0.1 percent of all the staked DBLOG tokens makes a difference.

If you stake at least 0.1 percent of all the staked DBLOG tokens, your post will be upvoted by @dblog.supporter, which is loaded with both SP and DBLOG POWER. Currently, 0.1 percent approximates 3,500 DBLOG.

Holding 0.5 percent of all the staked DBLOG tokens makes more differences.

If you stake at least 0.5 percent of all the staked DBLOG tokens, you will be one of the beneficiaries of the value generated on Currently, 0.5 percent approximates 17,500 DBLOG.

Help us to generate more value. does this because we believe a STEEM-based platform should be owned by the hodlers. The value generated on the platform also should be owned by the hodlers. We could make more value, the hodlers will get more value. So, please help us to generate more value.

How could we do achieve that goal? It is very simple. Come visit, write on, and share any articles you like to other social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. This will trigger more traffic to and will be helpful.

If you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to write a comment on this post. We will be in touch with you.


I shifted mine around. Didnt realize I wasnt staking the tokens.

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this is encouraging...

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Good to hear about this update, but is there no way to reach the Dblog team if there is any issue like discord server or telegram? Your response will be highly appreciated.

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The comment here might be the best option. Thanks:)

It's really Make Value, and Give it Back to Bloggers.
Glad to be here on DBLOG! :)

This is a great development and encouragement to users that stake tolens. Thanks for this initiative. I got mine.

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I'm still yet to receive any form of support, am I not eligible for votes from the supporting accounts? This comment comes on behalf of @tezzmax

I will double check. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Kindly help with time please. Thanks.

GodSpeed 💙 @dblogger
thanks 💙

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I completely missed that, although I've seen the tag being used...

What kind of content should be posted in your tribe?

And... where are the ads placed? I checked the interface and didn't see any (I don't have an ad blocker).

any kind of posts is welcomed on
Ads are automatically placed by google adsense.
Currently, I am watching the Canon ad under the comment box. 12.PNG


They may be geo-targeted and no ad is currently available for my country.

You're the first interface that I know of on Steem that shares ad revenues with significant stakeholders. That's a good approach, since many flee the centralized social media for this reason, of not sharing their ad revenues.

This is a good way to support and keep #dblog way up.
Good thinking more I will hold

My award post gives you 1 of these tokens

I think things are getting tough with this tribe already maybe because there isn't a team to make the work easier. I've been to convey just a talk for weeks now but the person handling this account wouldn't try to make me understand or better still would @dblogger just want anyone to leave?

The care of users, I am yet to find.


Take a look at your declaration and promise in the above screenshot and now I've got over 30k stakes without a single vote from that account, how's is that a fair one please?

It's been handled. Sorry for the delay. We are short of hands. Thanks for your understanding.

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