HELLO FRESH: Making the Mexicali Beef Burito Bowl YUMMY!

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This was a Fun Dish to Cook

We were very happy to see the UPS man stopping at our front door with a big green box in his hands! Our second HELLO FRESH box arrived! If you would like to try a box, go to https://simplyfresh.com and use the promo code below for $40 off. HS-1CMBWQO0O

Fresh Ingredients!

Having all the ingredients pre-measured and ready to go, makes cooking fun and easy. One of the greatest features of HELLO FRESH.

The part that took the longest was chopping up all the veggies. If I were a faster chopper, this wouldn't take so long!

Sliced and diced the tomatoes and onions. Some onions were diced small and put in the salsa, the rest were in the frier. Next I cook the Jasmin rice.

Lime zest and lime slices help make this dish delicious!

Putting in the veggies!

Got them all soft and carmalized. These are going to be good, they smell amazing!

Made a sour cream sauce. Added a little water to make it able to be "drizzled".

Cooking up the protein and adding the tomato sauce.

Then I add in the premeasured spices. No salt included, so each step I add sea salt to taste.

Beef is ready! The aroma is filling the house!

Plating: Putting it All Together

The veggies are cooked, the rice is cooked, the beef is cooked, now we just put it all together.

The lime zest and lime juice is added to the rice with some butter, salt and pepper. We add some cilantro for flavor.

Adding Cheese! Cheese always makes things better!

Add the Salsa: fresh tomatoes, onions, lime juice, sea salt and pepper.

Drizzle on the sour cream and lime juice sauce and add some yummy guacamole.

It's a Masterpiece!

One of the best Mexican dishes I've tried. The flavors are excellent, especially the lime in the rice. It wasn't too spicy, but there was some heat in the peppers. The tomatoes and onions popped on top of the spiced meat and soft rice. The creamy sauce and smooth guacamole complimented the entire dish.


I have to say, one part of HELLO FRESH that is appealing (besides the delicious food), is the unboxing. Everything is so nicely packaged and ready to prepare. It really makes cooking fun! Better than going out to a restaurant!

If you would like to try a box, go to https://simplyfresh.com and use the promo code for $40 off. HS-1CMBWQO0O

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Great post, great presentation as well @ironshield. It all looks delish.
One question though; if you use the code for $40 off, how much does it cost to begin with? (of course your getting my upvote and resteem)
Well done

$43.96 +$6.99 shipping The discount almost pays for the entire box of food! That's two meals for two people (4 servings).

Posted via neoxian.city | The City of Neoxian

Looks delicious 😊

Posted using Partiko Android

It was very yummy!

Posted via neoxian.city | The City of Neoxian

It is indeed a masterpiece!

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Do the kids like the food too?

Good eating food, good power diy.

Man, you've gone full in on the Hello Fresh. Might have to make a go at it and see what it's like.

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