Nano technology today

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Nano technology today

A magnetic wave sensor was created that is only 11 atoms long and has been found to be fully functional.

It is equipped with an antenna, a reading capacity, a start button and a memory unit to store the measurement results, the device is able to instantly detect a magnetic wave what is happening and remember this information; What happens is that, unfortunately, magnetism tends to be incredibly complicated when working with it, so all the prototypes had failed to date, since they were too large and multiple readings of the magnetic field were read, without being able to isolate specific values.

It was upon reaching this minuscule scale that the first functional detector was created, something that has thrown a lot of light into the premature field of spintronics, a technology that instead of using electrical signals to transmit information, makes use of magnetic signals, something that makes data processing much more efficient, we will see how this new technology evolves over the years.

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