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RE: Does anyone care what you have to say?

in #discussion5 months ago

That's a question that I often have in my mind because lately, it seems to me like people are seeking the right moment to give their vote to multiply their income from rewards. Of course, these are some cases and there are enough who are dedicated to each post created by you, but still.. I personally when I'm not in the mood to check a post out, I just let it as it is until I have time to read it and support it with either my vote or comment.. I guess we are all different, and that can be also noticed from each action we make :)


In the earky days i was just upvoting and barely reading the posts itself, but now since I know that i cant upvote hundred of posts with the same value voting power, i upvote maybe 10 posts, but i read them all and post a valuable comment in each of them too

That's the spirit! :)