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RE: Does anyone care what you have to say?

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Less than 50% of my content is about Hive. I've noticed that Hive-centric posts tend to get rewarded relatively well. I agree that the general public could not care less about particularly the deep dives into the mechanics of Hive. Some sort of introductory material could serve curious people well.


I do agree Hive content does well, I think that is partially due to the fact it is a common topic that is interesting to most everyone here.

There are many topics I'd like to write about here that I write about elsewhere. I suppose it will take a critical mass to form before people into those topics can be found here.

Btw, it was easier in 2018. I had many debates that were really interesting. But the bear market caused us to lose quite a few users. Maybe they'll come back next time around.

I find making a list helps a lot. Add to it whenever you have an idea for a post. Every so often spend some time brainstorming to add some more ideas.

When you don’t have an idea for the day, refer to the list.

I find the hardest part of writing every day is finding something to write about. Once I do, I’m usually in good shape.

I normally post 3-4 times a day. What I meant was that there are topics I'd like to talk about for the sake of those topics themselves and not because they serve as topics for posts.