Frank Lampard sends message to Michy Batshuayi and gives Chelsea fans Reece James injury update

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Chelsea team play their next FA round against Hull City that are in the second tier of the English Premier League. Hull City are prepare to take the game to Chelsea from the look of things with Frank Lampard going for second half players which haven't seen a big amount of play time this season. 

Batshuayi has not been in good condition or shape for about five to seven games this season with flashes of things to come. Frank Lampard has huge the fan to be patient giving him another start belt against Hull City hoping he will pick up some form and build on it going forward. When it comes to a cup like the FA Cup then it is very important that we try to stay close to that tradition’ he explains, because it needs to keep its relevance. But now where the game is moving on it is certainly a conversation that needs to be had and thought about very seriously.

Tammy Abraham is injured but thankfully it's not a serious problem and no fracture was broken or torn and as such he should be back in time for Leicester game with Reece James will not feature against the Tigers.

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