Incredible plays with Cassidy, never ever give up! Motivational speech in description! 👇

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Welcome Guys!

Since my last loses with Goldforged ADA I decided to play as Cassidy as well. It was really good pick for this moment, becuase I need play something diffrent, but still with the guns. I lost many ELO rating with my lose strek on ADA, but with Cassidy i fighted like lion for my ELO rating. These matchup was really hard, but I didn't give up.

Motivation for playing unwinnable matchup is something, which I like the most excercise. Is like win, when nobody belive that it is really possible. Something that makes you feel super happy, because you did it! I will be the first and the last person who count on me. Even when i feel inside that it is almost impossible to do this, I gonna to make it! No matter how hard it gonna be, I gonna make it!

In these matchup I feel confused, my skills decreases so much, because of my psychological barrier - I lost many matches in the row. Now I am loosing another matchup and my body wants take the reveng fire up the riot and change my behavior to change the predictable things. It's amazing how strong can be human, when nobody think that he can do this. Nobody.. but only me. That give me a strength, which allow me to push my current limit. These people, who doubt in me give me better motivation to fight back. That's it! When they try to bury you alive, then I reborn like Phoenix from the ashes!

Stay tuned and thanks for watching!

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