Breakfast cheese burger chat

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Another hardfork is happening today with Steem. They need to do this to fix the issue with the down voting that occurred during the switch to HF21.

So while I highlight this, I also make a cheese burger with leftovers from the day before.

Good luck everyone and hopefully no hiccups today,


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My latest post earned me 3.60$ and 3.84$ for curators! I am also voting a ton more but my VP is already at 60%. Hahaha! I must give it a rest for a couple of days!
We'll see how much more our curation rewards will be.
Right now I am only loosing with the 50/50 split not earning but I guess I'll find out exactly what's going on next week once I look at my rewards!

I like having that kind of food for breakfast too bro! I often buy burgers from the bakery at 10 a.m. Looks tasty. Hehehe

Yeah I think we are all going to lose a little too, but that is life and we will adapt. I got some Steem today for the very first time and I powered it straight up. Game has changed with voting now. Try not to drop your vp below 90%. You should be getting about 1-2 SP extra day with your account size from up voting alone.

Burger was yumm, but I need to change things up with DTC coming out and meaning videos: can collect rewards forever :) This changes the game a little.

I can't help dropping my VP. I am addicted to voting but I guess you are right, more VP=more curation rewards! Let's make a reward summary next week and see where we stand.

Now regarding the DTC, I can't wait! Payments ongoing forever is a big thing! I just wish our videos could be playable forever at Dtube and not linking them through youtube.
They could try 3speak formula! Pay 4 Steem every month and your videos are playable forever! Well maybe something like "You pay 30 DTC and 5 of them are burnt if you want your video to be playable forever".
I might be writing bullshit but that's the next big step for Dtube. I can't watch a video which was uploaded 3 months ago! How is anyone supposed to tip me for my older videos if he/she can't watch them?

new dtube will change the game :) Right now my videos are catered to internal steem events/politics/news and past 7 days doesn't really matter. But with the new dtube I will be making different types of videos for more long term. I will load them to youtube or another place for hosting (for a long long time).

Are we gonna see some surfing?
Congrats on reaching rep 70 by the way!


Bet you thought of burgers all day after :) hahaha

Yessss LOL... I recently decided to go vegan for the 2nd time in my life (first time was 4-5 years) so burgers will definitely be the hardest for me to kick, it's the national dish here in the USA :D

You better practice cooking veggie burgers and vegan cakes since I invested in your Oven enterprise! :P

Mate I have that oven as a spare in the kitchen. It is like twice the size of what I am using now.