Zeera // My Original Music Video

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zeera pic.jpg

I've always liked the way things sound in reverse ... creepy and strange. This is song one of my "Songs in Reverse" series ... which will be completed in 2080 ... because I'm as slow as molasses in January.
I started working on this song last April and it still isn't finished. lol
This is only the first part of the song. Every time I try to work on the ending my brain explodes because there are 2 transitions that sound very similar and as I'm listening to find the cut off for where I want to loop it my brain has an acid meltdown and then I forget what I was even trying to do and it turns into an entire existential crisis where I end up in a fetal position crying in the closet.
Yes, I say ridiculous things in my posts because I figure no one actually reads them anyway.
If you have actually read up to this point I will send you a kitten.

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Haha acid meltdown 🤣
I honestly have to admit that your words were of some relief to me, a learner that it’s still trying to find it’s own way... all endings are a nightmare to me and most oftenly they are unexpected or involuntary 😓
Your reverse project it’s even harder to deal with but seems like you’re on the good way imho. Why not trying and reverse the reversed? 🙃
Love n’hugs ❤️

Sometimes the whole process is just a nightmare hahaha
Thank you so much!❤️

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Thank you!!!

This is awesome. I love it!
I hope I live 'till January 2080 to hear the completed version and video.
(please tell me there is a video. Steemit is soooo lacking in dark. We neeed you.)
Only send kitten if it's black. ;)

lol I don't think I'll even live that long so I'll have the cats finish it.
Thank you for appreciating the darkness!
Sends black kitten

I am waiting for my kitten now. ♥♥♥♥♥♥
I love this I can't wait to see when you finish it. Super trippy and I love your dress!

Thank you Serena!!!
mails fluffy kitten

yay!! ♥♥♥

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Your idea is very good, I like it. The style, I like it. I like your dress. The music, I like it. I like to see this kind of audio-visual work, the gothic style has always seemed friendly to me. I'll tell you I love it! hahaha I send you a hug xD

Such a beautiful music video it is.

Thank you!

Wellcome you are.