DTube React: @nosdos - The Most Down Voted DOG - PART III

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My original post: https://steempeak.com/dtube/@manniman/gg78mcu7ugv

The drama started after @acidyo, @vimm, @trafalgar, @ocd, @ocdb, @therealwolf downvoted a post of the dog welfare steemian @nosdos and then went personal very quickly. Nosdos announced to leave STEEM today and this is my take on it.

links to the drama:
Link to @nosdos: https://steempeak.com/@nosdos
The 'killed... we are out.' Post: https://steempeak.com/ocd/@nosdos/how-acidyo-and-ocd-killed-the-probably-most-transparent-charity-animal-welfare-project-on-steem
Pauls Post: https://steempeak.com/palnet/@nosdos/voten-fuer-pfoten-rudi-von-hundehilfe-ohne-grenzen-e-v-sucht-ein-zuhause

The comment of @nosdos :
20191011 03_34_09The most downvoted dog on STEEM! _ SteemPeak.png

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case closed

so far !BEER

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that might bot be over yer

And for what?


dog welfare program

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There is no simply one a moron regarded my posts plagiarism, and the second half-wit put me minus

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