Copwatch Live - Spokane Police Protection Order Violation

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YouTube livefeed from a copwatch incident that occurred on 2/24/20. They detained this man for violation of a protection order and then found he had outstanding warrants. I did not hear what the warrants were for. Remember don't answer questions to police and be very careful what you say.

If you are unable to view video's in DTube here is a link to the original YouTube video -

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Maybe we could stop teaching our kids that aggression is a good way to get what we want.
Each generation gets their turn at bat, and because we know no other game, some of us try to hit home runs.

I heard Larkin Rose recently say we use government to get things we don't think we have a right to. How do you suppose government goes about getting these things for those who don't have the right to them? You said it my friend...aggression. Teach them while their young, if you're to cowardly to do it yourself get armed enforcers to do it for you. That way your conscious will be clear.

Gd, tablet,...

imho @freebornangel and being an old guy I could be wrong, but it seems that many parents are dropping the ball when it comes to teaching "honor and responsibility" and leaving it to the school teachers to do. Today I saw a video of a policeman arresting a 6 year old then bragging about "Not the youngest" he has arrested. To the parents who try to "hit a home run" I can only way HOORAY and the others aren't worth the effort.
Just a thought from an "OG", Mitch,,,

Violence lost its honor when the duke died.
Since then, violence has been mostly senseless.

@mitch94541 I agree with you about most parents leaving the parenting to our "education" system. Thanks for the incite.