No Man's Sky Gameplay 02-22

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Coming across knowledge stones I can learn words to better help me with dialog. Right away I found a sodium nitrate crystal which I mine it all. And then move back to my ship as I realize my inventory is basically full. You got to balance the inventory between what you got in the ship and what you are carrying.

When I get back to my ship I come across some condensed carbon dioxide crystals right behind it. I take off but come across a copper deposit. Planet have hot spots of metals or other minerals.

I dig down into the rock and mine from the inside out, clearing out the copper along the walls. Eventually I completely fill up my inventory and have head back to the ship.

Unpaused at 3:58 sorry about that. Copper can be used to build screen parts to repair machines out in the field. Leaving the pit that once held the copper I head back to the ship and take off.

Heading back to the base, I trade in materials I do not need right away. The trade terminals is the way to go to buy and sell items. Using the refiner I take some of the carbon and turn it into condensed carbon to make for better fuel for the portable refiners and the multi-tool. I also take some of the cobalt and turn it into ionized cobalt which is worth alot more. Sometimes im better off just selling it rather than refining, but others can be refined up to three times giving some really valuable materials.

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Solominer Presents:No Man's Sky Gameplay
GenreAction / Adventure / Survival
PlatformWindows 10
Rig specs:Main gaming setup
ProcessorRyzen 7 1700 Eight Core overclocked to 3.7 Ghz
MemoryCorsair DDR4 32GB overclocked to 3066 XMP 16-17-17-35 1T
Video Cards2x Gigabyte G1 1080 no overclock
Power SupplyCorsair 1000W


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