Let’s Open Woolworths Discovery Garden with Travelgirl

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Hi Everyone,

Spring is here! Woolworths in Australia started a new promotional campaign. Last time was the Lion King Ooshies and this time, they are giving our free plants for every $30 spent and bonus plants if you spend a certain amount of fresh fruit and veggies which I will be explaining in the video. Love this campaign which is suitable for both kids and adults who can both enjoy the end results.

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大家好,春天來啦!今次在澳洲一間大型超市送盆栽給他們的顧客. 每逢買過$30就有一個盆栽. 我覺得今次的禮物比起上一次好很多 (上次是 Lion King 玩具), 可以讓大小朋友都可以種東西.

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Very cute video and great contest.

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