The LAST white tiger! Super WEIRD animals watching SINGAPORE ZOO 2019

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In this Singapore travel vlog 2019, I'm bringing you to the world famous singapore zoo!

Once in Singapore, there we went to the Singapore Zoo. We heard it's one of the top 3 zoos in the world. For sure top Singapore attractions 2019 (It's always been and always will be). Not just that, it's world's best rainforest zoo! Love the "Open Concept” that offers the opportunity to experience and be inspired by the wonders of nature. I was like, 'Really? How come the animal wouldn't just walk right through this low fence?'.

I'm not really a zoo fan but this one amazed me a lot. Love how spacious and various types of animals. Love how they don't just teach us what this animal is? what those animals are? but they do make us aware how bad is the animals and wildlife situation on earth. Slowly make us more conscious about the environment throughout the walk.

Something like, 'There're only 3,200 tigers left in the world. If we don't start realising, then they all going to be an extinct' and hey, there's only 1 white tiger left! He's at the Singapore zoo! Crazy, ain't it??

Weird animals watching! So many weird animals at Singapore zoo I had never seen before. Alligator snapping turtule! You've never heard of that either, have you? Rhinos fight was intense but that was interesting to see.

If you'd like to take a break from eating delicious Singaporean food a few hours and looking for things to do in Singapore.. Come learn about animals at Singapore zoo probably a very good idea! Then.. Continue eating!

They say it's best chicken rice in SG :

Super duer fresh chilli crab in Chinatown SG :

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Lots of lots of love - ‘Till we eat again :)

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พลาดสวนสัตว์ไปได้ ครั้งหน้าไปใหม่ ต้องไม่พลาด ...มีแต่สัตว์น่าสนใจ

ถ้าชอบสวนสัตว์อ่ะนะคะ แนะนำเลยยย

Thank you so much for this nice topic. Really amazing and rare video. Thanks again for sharing such a tremendous video.

Thanks!!! Glad you enjoyed! :) What animal did you love like the most in the vid?? :D

Wild animals are beautiful in the forest. I liked much Cheetah. It is the fastest animal of the world. Thank you.

Thanks for watching! 😊😊😊

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You are most welcome.

This was awesome. That zoo didn't look too crowded. The zoo here is always so full of people that it is pretty annoying.

I love the 'Open Concept' too! It's like, you're almost in there with them. Glad you liked! :)

Very cool. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks! :)

Super Cool Mo
That was a really good video
Really Kevin my brother
The baboons were most interesting
Really. Lmao

Great job guys 🍺🌷

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Thanks Ward!! The baboons sure super cool to see. I had never seen one 🙈

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You just like that red ass oops

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