Contest Update: 50,000+ Hive Power delegations for one month

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Seeking advice from the sponsors, participants, and anyone else on how to judge last weeks contest....

The contest post is below, and the idea was to see if anyone could get a piece of content onto Google with the search term 'earn cryptocurrency.


I didn't expect it to be easy to rank on Google, and as it turns out, there are a couple of reasons this is tough.

The one we knew about was the Domain Authority of and peakd, which both currently at 36 out of 100. is 90, but they do have a 4 year head-start.

Another potential issue is duplicate content. go into plenty of detail on this in the previous link and state:

Duplicate content is content that appears on the Internet in more than one place. That “one place” is defined as a location with a unique website address (URL) - so, if the same content appears at more than one web address, you’ve got duplicate content.

And so I'm wondering if the search indexers are picking up both and (and more?) posts and this is impacting ranking?

Content includes not only blog posts or editorial content, but also product information pages. Scrapers republishing your blog content on their own sites may be a more familiar source of duplicate content...

At present we have a couple of front-ends to submit posts on, and each of those will provide a 'canonical link' in the html. This is taken from the contest post:


Another option for dealing with duplicate content is to use the rel=canonical attribute. This tells search engines that a given page should be treated as though it were a copy of a specified URL, and all of the links, content metrics, and "ranking power" that search engines apply to this page should actually be credited to the specified URL.

So peakd is counted as the true source, but of course Google will find the copy. Does this matter though, there is a canonical link stating the true source, so it might not be an issue? It does seem however that we are trying to build up the Domain Authority of at least two (and potentially more in future) front ends to Hive. This could be good in the long run, but slow going to start with. Thoughts?

The contest posts are below. I checked posts submitted in the past week with 'earncryptocurrency' as a tag. Hopefully I've caught them all and sent a tip.

15/05/2020 22:16cryptictruthlink
15/05/2020 23:47luminositylink
15/05/2020 23:50achim03link
16/05/2020 00:18antisocialistlink
16/05/2020 06:17wiseagentlink
16/05/2020 10:53craniumlink
16/05/2020 13:57paragismlink
16/05/2020 17:10suherilink
16/05/2020 22:03pitboylink
16/05/2020 22:26bashadowlink
17/05/2020 03:32abitcoinskepticlink
17/05/2020 12:28themanualbotlink
17/05/2020 13:20uyobonglink
17/05/2020 13:48jluferlink
17/05/2020 20:47niallon11link
18/05/2020 13:54belemolink
18/05/2020 15:17daltonolink
21/05/2020 18:50hive-102371link

And as stated above, none of these posts are currently not present in a Google search for 'earn cryptocurrency'. Earlier in the week though, I did see at least 3 of the posts above in the results. I did, ambitiously as it turns out, hope that Google would be the judge, but it seems that will not be the case.

The options (please offer more if you have any) seem to be:

  • Wait a while (how long?) and perform the search again

This will likely only yield one result

  • Perform more searches on other keyword phrases like 'earn cryptocurrency social media'

Is this fair? We'll need at least 5 phrases...

  • Ask the sponsors to rank their 5 favourite posts

Will take a bit of time but perhaps the fairest option?

So I'd like to ask the sponsors, @meesterboom, @tarazkp, @azircon, @abh12345,, @hellohive, and @syedumair, what they would like to do?

And if the contest entrants or anyone else visiting has input, that would be appreciated also.

I'm here all day and on Discord at abh12345 #9343

Thanks again to the sponsors, and to those who have entered.

Please remind me not to do any more contests for a while!



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I have delegated 1500 HP per account listed in this post. Thanks for the great work!

Thanks for the delegation, it is a pleasant surprise.

thank you :)

Thanks! appreciate the effort to help all those participants.

Thank you, your deed will help to give me more attention to other accounts !!!

Cheers for the support on this :)

Thank you sir! I will pit it to good use.

Thanks for the support.

Thank you @hellohive, that is certainly one way to do it!

I'm sorry it didn't quite go as planned, lessons learned and at least we have some decent content out there which will hopefully be found in time.

Thank you and all of the listed authors! That's really great work to Hive. It's not easy to rank on Google. But we will keep on working.

Thanks again, very encouraging for these authors :D

Thank you for the awesome delegation. I'll keep pushing contents till the aim of this initiative is achieved.

Hello @hellohive,I also want to be delegated by you as much as 1500 HP if you are willing.😁

hello Mr. @hellohive, I was expecting the delegation as much as 1500 HP from you so that my account can grow quickly and also to facilitate me in providing the curation.🙏🙏

I hope you hear the requests for delegation of Hive Power on this occasion. @hellohive🙏

Hi @hellohive, I am a newbie on Hive Blockchain and I really need your delegation of 1.500 Hive Power from you to help me doing activities here such as giving upvote, commenting or even writing posts on Hive blockchain.🙏

I would like to thank you for the delegation, I feel it really helped my account grow. I went from earning slightly less than 1 Hive a day on curation to slightly over 2 hive a day on curation. My voting did not change significantly and I did enjoy being able to have a slightly higher vote value and not have to use dustsweeper so often. I also moved from the ranks of minnow to just over 5000 HP now. Granted some of that increase was from steem transfers, but the delegation did play a big part.

It seems like SEO and Blockchain is not that compatible as we thought :D Check out 2 comments on my post by @foreveraverage and @yintercept that explain why that might be the case.

If you two wanna chime in here, feel free to. Contest creator and sponsors are noobs haha :D :D

Anyway, I'm for option No 3. It seems the simplest one and who can say no to manual curation? xD Since Google betrayed us on this one, we're gonna take its place and rank the top 5 posts.

Total noobs :D

To be fair, I roped the sponsors in and take full responsibility!

I have just read that hellohive has delegated to all of the above which is pretty cool. The others have commented that they will read the posts and pick a top 5, and so when that is done i'll score them up and drop you all a reply with a list.



If you want to delegate out to your favourite 1, or 1-4 posts, or just let me know your top 4, that would be sweet, cheers!

I think that I will take some time in the evening to run through them, as I haven't seen all of them yet.

Sounds good, thanks.


Oh wait, wrong post... I say sponsors to the ranking!!
donations kindly accepted but will not affect the decision much


Hangings and Bribery in the ranks, we are not all in Scotland sunny Jim!

Thats why Scotland is so reknowned for it's FREEDOM!!! :OD

I knew it! Boomy aka @freedom :O

My lips are sealed

Need to be a bit creative. Google "my post and the words someday".

Top bombing!

Not sure who will google that, but I take your point :)

"herbert horrendous" Try that one.

I can picture him now, without even looking :)

There he is, beard still intact.

I wrote about hitting number 1 with that. It was a test. I saw peakd hit top slot... then it was changed to in top spot... then it moved down. Now, weeks later, peakd took the top slot again. That google is a confusing beast but a lot of my work hits top slots. "Raffle-coppin" That should be number one as well. That's an old English word of sorts. Someone might search it and see my post instead of a definition. That was another test that worked.

I think if I would have had the time to enter this contest thingy I'd have managed a decent result... maybe.

Yeah I'm confused and I think google are confused about how to list - something to do with canonical links I think.

I think I aimed to high with 'earn cryptocurrency', but at least there are some decent posts out there mentioning consumer rewards now.

I'll have to check out these posts when I get a moment. Curious to see how other minds work when it comes to this stuff.

"Earn money reading" might have been a bit easier.

Yep. I think it's belemo that took that angle with his title.

@abh12345 Am I late to participate?

No but it would need to be in the next 6 hours or so.

I got late 😁 I just viewed the comment now

I tried searching "earn cryptocurrency consumer rewards" then saw my post on page 3 of google search. :D

will experiment more on keywords and combinations that will give me the upper hand of the contents. lol!

Excellent work :D

Will see what the sponsors say. It looks like they will be reading and ranking their favourite 5.

"consumer rewards cryptocurrency" ranked my post on page 10 :D

Good morning dear friend @ abh12345

I had the opportunity to read some of the posts presented and they are great.

My video is more a testament that cryptocurrency is earned on Hive and there is no deception. Deception is very frequent when you start, there is no lack of the person who wants to take advantage of it.

The intention of the post was not to obtain an award, I did it more to accompany your invitation and also, I want to contribute a grain of sand to publicize our platform, I will continue to make more promotional videos very soon.

After reading your post ¨Help Hive - Sprinkle A Little SEO On Your Posts¨ I was very interested in the subject, and from what I could see and read, everyone agrees on one thing, positioning something on Google, it takes a long time, about two months.

I think we have a lot of work ahead to position ourselves in the first line of the search engine, we must continue working to achieve it, without a doubt, with your knowledge and desire to do positive things for our company, we will achieve it.

The results obtained should not discourage him, on the contrary, he should organize more contests, that makes people want to improve and achieve the objective.

Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to contribute in positioning our platform.

I wish you all a great weekend

The results obtained should not discourage him, on the contrary, he should organize more contests, that makes people want to improve and achieve the objective.

The results obtained should not discourage him, on the contrary, he should organize more contests, that makes people want to improve and achieve the objective

I agree, and even though there is work involved, if it is for the betterment of the platform then we should continue.

Thanks again, have a great weekend.

You promised no work! Now you are asking us to read? We can’t do that, we are just bunch of “Nook”s and we can’t read! :)


Alright! I will read and try to cook. But don’t expect excellent results. :)

I did, sorry :)

There are some nice reads though!

I think the last option is by far the best one.

The top rankers for "earn cryptocurrency" are big sites so it will be hard (pratically impossible?) to compete with those with just a single article, no matter how long you leave it.

The second option is not fair at all since there's a chance that many of the articles won't have used the keyword phrases/keywords. Not an even playing field.

It also depends where you're checking the results from. Yours will be different from mine. UK will be different from US etc.

Thanks Gillian

I think I prefer the final option for the reasons you have stated but want to see what the sponsors think - they may think that the prizes are not to be issued as Google shows no results!

Good point with the UK/US/etc locations - just another reason why this contest was going to be a brain ache!

So I'd like to ask the sponsors ... @abh12345 ... what they would like to do?

I would like to ask @abitcoinskeptic, what would they comment regarding the above.

I thought about taking myself out, but I have an opinion, just waiting to hear others! :P

I would like to ask @tarazkp WWTKP do?

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

What about "earn cryptocurrency hive" or "earn cryptocurrenc hive blogging" 🤔

I think the sponsors have decided to curate and score the posts, and then we'll try to work out some delegations. hellohive has delegated to all contestants so that's a decent start for all :D

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Yeah. It was a pleasant surprise. I guess this changes the scoring rules of the contest. I relished the challenge and I'll be doing a bit more to promote Hive by taking advantage of Google's algos.

I'm happy for the judges to pick the winners. It was never really about the prize for me, more the challenge to see if it could be done. If I get something even better but not important.

To be fair I did see if I could find my own post but @belemo was the first one that I found on the search pages.

Thanks Niall

Yeah, it was an attempt to get some decent work out on the search engines, and that's done now, even though the rankings aren't quite there yet.

I did see themanualbot's, pitboy's, and belemo's in the search at one point, and if you are bit more wordy with the search you'll be able to find them and more I suspect.

Will hopefully have an update out later this evening.

Yeah I thought it was a recency bias from the algorithm?

Thanks a lot for this contest. It's still very difficult to understand how google indexes sites on Hive.

Thanks to @hellohive for the delegation.

In my opinion, when I make google searches with long tail keywords, I see the posts of @themanualbot and @pitboy coming out very well.

With this Google Search, I see them in first and second position. In terms of SEO their posts are great I believe.

Thanks for taking part :)

Yes I think both you mentioned did a fine job with SEO, and I think if the Domain Authority of / Peakd was higher, they would both do really well - hopefully the DA rank will improve in time.


Thanks a lot bro. Though I am not an SEO expert, but doing on-page SEO while writing an article is very easy. Just follow some rules while writing.

Than I did a little off-page SEO like putting backlink, social media sharing, blog commenting etc.

What @abh12345 mentioned is absolutely correct, domain authority matters a lot. Hopefully if we keep writing SEO friendly posts on Hive, then soon we may see the Hive blog in the front page with short keyword.

I just wrote an article about - how to do SEO. You can check that out.

Hi, I will gladly take a look ;-)

one week is a short time , i suggest check back in a month

I don't want to wait that long :D

They are being curated manually for the most part, but some HP has already been delegated to all of the above.

Peakd is claiming it's the canonical? [checks] damn it does too. That's probably gonna hurt me some but...I don't care about seo anymore x_x still they should probably expose that so if people have blogs they're cross-posting from they can fill in the field and peakd can claim canonical if it's left blank.

none of these posts are currently not present in a Google search for 'earn cryptocurrency'.

I'm too dumb to decipher this sentence in the context of the rest of the paragraph it's in. You saw them all in Google but not on the first page or you didn't see any of them in Google and then three of them popped up later?

I should probably answer the actual question (as I only really commented wanted to comment about the canonical stuff XD). Last option seems the best.

Yeah, I wonder if it's just going to take twice as long to get both hive and peakd up the DA ranks - was the only place to blog from for a while.

none of these posts are currently not present in a Google search for 'earn cryptocurrency'.

I saw 3 of them make the search on the day they were posted, as soon as a new one appeared the previous disappeared and I wonder if that's how Google do it with such a small, competitive set of keywords.

Last option was taken and the delegations are out, cheers!

Ahhh now I understand :D

And how weird. But Google is weird XD

A huge hug 🤗 and a little bit of !BEER 🍻 from @amico!

Un caro abbraccio 🤗 e un po' di BEER 🍻 da @amico!

You need to stake more BEER (24 staked BEER allows you to call BEER one time per day)

What trustworthy tool you use to delegate hive ?

I use peakd with hive keychain - very easy and I assume the key chain is secure.