The jealous lady - Grandma stories for the young

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Learning English through stories

Amla was a young lady. She had the most beautiful hair. Her neighbors were all praise for her hair care. There was a setback though and most people in the village tried to avoid her company.

You see, Amla was known for her jealousy. She never liked anyone else to become better than her. So, she used to pass snide remarks when others told her about their achievements even by mistake. Gradually, people stopped talking to her and even avoided her company. She felt that she was not even invited to social functions.

One day, Amla confided in her grandmother who understood that Amla was sad and lonely. She advised Amla to give up her jealousy and feel happy for others. Granny said that jealousy was like poison and Amla would never be happy if she became jealous and would never be able to get a marriage proposal even because word would go around that she was a very bad person.


Amla understood her predicament and decided to change her ways. She took a basket of fruits and visited her neighbor who had just bought a new car. She did feel something burning inside her and wanted to blurt but smiled instead and gifted the fruits to her neighbor. She was invited inside the house and even given a chair to sit down. Amla spoke only when asked and her neighbor wondered when Amla would blurt out.

Five minutes passed and still, Amla hadn't made a snide remark. She found that her mind was more at peace and she was happier. She smiled and praised her neighbor. She was given a leaflet that promoted an ad campaign asking for models with good hair length. She was pleased. They were paying well. She thanked her and returned home to tell her grandma about her afternoon adventure and change in personality.

Her personality challenge for the day had been successful.


Weeks passed and Amla was now a changed person. Word went around and she was now, not resented or avoided. She even found a good partner and also started a class where she taught how to become a better person and be successful in life.

*** The above is not a true story but does reflect on some of the personalities whom I have met in real life. Unfortunately, some are still very much so and have not changed their ways.***

English language learning can be easier if you read stories and hear people speak. One can also try speaking or chatting and thus improve the language. I remember a teacher who had encouraged his class to write a blog.

Hive is a platform where you can write and learn and also earn along the way. If you are not familiar with the blockchain, it does not matter. We are all here to help you.


Great story didi, it doesn't matter it's real or not but there is a moral behind the story.
yes, indeed we can see these kinds of people everywhere , there is one thing we can do.
Just Ignore them.😃

thanks for sharing.


!giphy great

Thanks dear.

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