Fresh Blueberry Recipes

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Blueberries are in season. If you are a lover of berries, you would by now have been enjoying your fare share of blueberries, strawberries, and other in-season fruits and vegetables. I enjoy fruits of all kinds especially blueberries and blackberries. They are my favorites for their antioxidant qualities and their sweetness, as well as how cheap they can be particularly when they are in season. Health wise, blueberries have great medicinal qualities. They destroy free radicals, boost enzymes that grow new nerve cells in the brain, and it's been proven to fight against osteoporosis in women. Here are some sample recipes for blueberries:

Blueberry Shake or Smoothies:

When I first decided to make blueberry smoothies, my kids were like "mom are you crazy, that's going to taste bad!" But as soon as it was in their cups they were asking for more. I buy fresh blueberries in bulk when I see a good deal, or I buy them frozen (from Costco). The frozen kinds are actually great because their icy nature render them well for some ice-cold shake or smoothie on a hot summer day.

  1. pour about a cup of frozen blueberries in a blender
  2. add about a cup of nonfat milk
  3. add your favorite ice cream
  4. blend and mix well and pour in a cup
  5. add cinnamon sugar as you like
  6. enjoy

Note: if you use fresh instead of frozen blueberries, add about a cup of ice cube to add thickness and chill-factor to your smoothie.

Blueberry Muffins:

My kids love muffins, but especially when I make them with fresh blueberries. They taste great and it is a fun way to bond and have fun with your kids. Whenever we get a chance to bake, it's a whole family affair. The kids want to help; each quickly pick what he or she is going to be doing to warn others not to interfere. "I call the eggs," I call the butter," "I call the blueberries," are some of what they would be saying as we make our way to the kitchen. As we prepare the dough for the muffin, we have fun mixing ingredients and nearly eating half of the blueberries before it hits the oven.

  1. Follow your favorite muffin recipe
  2. when done mixing all ingredients add half of the blueberries in the dough
  3. pour into the baking pan and top with remaining blueberries
  4. bake and enjoy with ice cream or whipped cream

Blueberry Pancakes:

  1. mix pancake ingredients
  2. pour ample amount of blueberries in the mix and mix well
  3. pour desired amount at a time into pancake maker or pan
  4. your pancake will turn out looking great with blueberry eyes all over it.
  5. enjoy with whipped cream or syrup

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If you choose, you could just enjoy your fresh blueberries on the side with your pancakes. They are great when mixed with strawberries as well. Berry delicious!

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