Asking my Friend to model for me

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It's been a while since I have done a "real" photoshoot with People because I am always afraid to not be good enough.

Story of my Life.

But the other day I went out for a coffee with Alex and he was dressed lovely and I am comfortable with him so I have asked him to pose for some photos. Today will be sharing one of that photos with You and still have another one coming.

Please let me know if I should do more of this photoshoots and tell me Your honest opnion.

Now here it is the photo I am talking about.

I really enjoy to do this and want to do more so hopefully from now on I will be braver and get myself out there. I promise I will push myself. Meanwhile I still have a different photo from this day to share with You.

But before we go and because Alex is such a photogenic and funny guy I also decided to share with You a couple of behind the scenes/funny photos from after we got the photo we needed.

Have a laugh and enjoy this ones.

Keep Your eyes open for more photoshoots coming soon.

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Keep it up @sergiomendes you got it!

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thank you.

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Can you contact us on [Discord[( We've changed our server IP and your domain need to be reconfigured to work properly with new Engrave version.