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Listening is an act cut across all events relating to speech making. it is Central to communication as the basis of intervention social relation.

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For instance all speech event requires speaking and listening. that is for there to be effective communication there has to be a speaker and a listener. Such speech events may take place in the classroom setting (lectures), it may be through the electronic Media or any other means.

In our daily interaction, listening takes the central stage as we whisper, make complaint, narrate stories, describe places, persons or objects, give instructions, exchange ideas, give warnings raise alarm, discuss issues, past messages, exchanged greetings, and explain our point of view or teach.

Off all communication skills, listening is often taken for granted mostly; yet it is the most important.

this is because people can hardly differentiate listening from hearing. beside most people do not see listing as a skill to be learnt or acquired but rather it is seen as a moral art which comes to a listiner naturally.

Most student prefer note-taking to listening. However communication expert have come to realise that in a situation where listening is not enhanced during teaching even when it is recorded the reception becomes weak, in effective and does producing poor results or understanding in relation to the response of the audience.

listening is part and parcel of us because it is the basic ingredient of communication. parents listing to their children when they complained of certain things and as such the children listen to parent instructions or explanations answers or responses as the case may be.

The conversation between spouses is a ass by speaking and listening but it is the listening that produce the utmost effect.

A more relevant definition of communication in relation to reception is that of sending convert initiating or encoding a meaningful or trans information or message from the sender to the receiver to the right medium or channel with the receiver or the decoder is responding in form of giving a feedback.

a combination of two or more communication skills or method increases interest comprehension retention and potency. Thus listening can be said to have taken place when the listener or receiver is built and understanding of the message through appropriate response.

but actually still in takes place when there is appropriate we are sure or response to the message being communicated.

Listening is one of the four basic distinctive skills of communication or language. Others are speaking reading and writing.

In terms of order of acquisition or naturalness, listing it comes first and understandably the most primary of the four. There is no meaningful reception that can take place without good listening. In the first instance no speaker communicates to an empty a deaf or an absent-minded audience.

Even listening may not have taken place where the listener is absent minded. one way of verifying if listing has take place is through response which of course may take several forms


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