Feathered Friends__It's Their Turn After The Harvest___By @melinda010100

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Ducks' Life in the farm

The flock seems so happy and refreshed after their morning bath! After the harvest of palay, these feathered friends are free to wallow in the rice fields and take the last grains for them to feast over.

You'd love to see them march towards the rice paddies while their watcher see to it that they remain in that vacant area and not swing to the seedbed of others or else they will be in trouble.

They must be allowed to roam around for the time being and fenced afterwards when they lay eggs because they're not like organic chickens that lays their eggs in one place. The duck's eggs are sold to be processed in making salted eggs.

This is my entry for @melinda010100's Feathered Friends/Feathered Friday. Thank you!

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Ang ganda po ng kuha.

oo anak ko kumuha nyan eh..Nikon kaya hehe

Ang ganda nilang tingnan dyan..nakakaaliw

Oo. Follow the leader yan sila.

They must be so happy to be able to eat everything that was left behind in the field! And they have water to splash in, too!
Lucky Ducks! ❤️

Thanks dear. By the way, you might want to read my latest post, here it is:

That is a great post! You did a wonderful job putting all that together.

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